Your cat is crying: What can you do about it?

Your cat is crying: What can you do about it?

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Cats are super fun and always willing to play with their humans. But when they are feeling down and unmotivated, is there a way for us to understand what is happening to them? Know that with just a few signs we are able to realise that something is indeed wrong. For example, did you know that is possible to figure out if your cat is crying?

For that reason, Pets Forever organised a few tips on why a cat cries, what causes and how to identify it. When you have that information you’ll be able to assist and bring joy back to your four-pawed buddy!

How to identify if your cat is crying

With dogs, their cries usually comes in the form of muffled whining, but when it comes to cats their discomfort is way more subtle. That is because most felines are very tough creatures who rarely feel the need to complain about any situation, so when they cry it is hard for most owners to realise that it’s happening.

However, if you’ve noticed that your pet meows in a much higher pitch and with very short intervals, it is possible that your cat is crying. Despite the fact that their eyes don’t water with tears, a cat’s high pitched and frequent meow doesn’t hide its dissatisfaction.

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Remember: if you’ve noticed that your cat looks like they’re tearing up and having their eyes water, they are absolutely not crying and could be something much more serious. Take them to the vet because they might be suffering from allergies or ocular lesions.

Now let’s dive into the reasons why your cat might be crying.

What are the most common causes of cats crying?

The causes vary according to the age of your cat. For example, kittens tend to cry more easily, whether by the change of environment, missing their mother, being hungry, cold or afraid of something in the house.

In that case, put them in a very comfy place with plenty of food and water, besides a few toys so they can distract themselves. Their crying will most certainly be reduced and little by little whey will feel comfortable in their new home!

It is important to remember that kittens are still adapting to their environment and that change doesn’t happen overnight. So take care of your little furry friend and make them feel at home as soon as possible.

When it comes to adult cats, who are much stronger and won’t complain easily, it is quite possible that they are crying due to an abrupt change in their routine.

Felines are extremely territorial animals and that can cause many disruptions in their life, like the sudden absence of a toy, food, tree or even fellow pet. It is also possible that the crying is related to physical pain which can be noticed by a change in the way your cat walks, moves or eats.

What can you do when your cat is crying?

Start by observing if there was a recent change in their food brand, an adoption or lack of another pet or even if it’s because you moved houses. Those are very strong indications that your feline might be suffering from stress and, for that reason, cries.

In case you find a wound or notice that there is a lot of discomfort when your pet moves, verify the intensity of the main and how serious their wound is. If there is constant crying involved then you must take them to the vet immediately so that your little friend can feel better as soon as possible.

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Also, make sure to check if the cat is eating and drinking properly, and if their behaviour changes right before or after it’s time for their meal. It is all about observing them, treating the situation as a scientific experiment where you take notes on what might be wrong and trying to pinpoint the exact reason, You will find it and they will be very grateful!

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