Want a Healthy pet? Tips to keep your pet healthy

Want a Healthy pet? Tips to keep your pet healthy

It’s every pet owner’s wish to have a healthy and happy pet. So, how do you achieve this?

Many people do not quite understand the importance of pet health. They think that pets should be fed with any food, and just left to lie down the whole day. What they do not know is that when they do this, they are shortening the lives of their pets.

You should put your pet health on the top of the list. Remember, a healthy pet equals to a happy pet. So, what are you doing to ensure that your pet’s health issues are well taken care of?

How do you keep your pet healthy?

 1. Watch your pet’s weight

A chubby kitten or a plump puppy might look cute, but the extra fat is not healthy for your pet’s health. On the other hand, your pet should not be too skinny as it does not have fat reserves in case of sickness.

2. Exercise your pet regularly

Exercise is important for your pet. You cannot achieve a healthy weight when your pet lies down and sleeps the whole day. You should take them for walks and play with them in the back yard.

An active pet has a healthy cardiovascular system. Regular exercise will keep your pet mentally stimulate and preventing behavioral problems. If your pets start chewing your couch or destroying your household, they may be lacking enough exercise.

3. Keep your pet free from parasites

Parasites will rely on your pet for nutrition. This means that your pet’s health will deteriorate. You should consult with your vet for the best products to get rid of the parasites.

4. Have regular pet check-ups

You should take your pet to your vet at least once a year for a check-up to ensure they are free from diseases.

5. Feed them with a balanced diet

Today, we have so many companies that claim to produce the most nutritious food for your pet. But, is this the truth? Do you research and speak to your vets when deciding what to feed your pet.

6. Vaccinate

Just like we vaccinate our kids, we should also do the same for our pets. It is important to protect your pet against deadly diseases like parvo, rabies, and distemper. Consult  your vet for guidance.

 Is it necessary to have a pet health plan?

Do your research as different health plans and pet insurances cover different elements. A pet health plan may enable you to visit the vet and cover some of the fee. It may also cover regular pre-defined pet treatment like vaccinations, de-worming and parasite treatment.

How do you keep your pet happy?

Pets are a part of our family. Unlike other family members, there are things we should do to make them happy. A happy and healthy pet often leads to additional years with your furry friend. Here are things you can to keep your pet happy.

1. Pet attention

Always make sure that your pet has undivided attention for 20 minutes every day. However, more time could be better. Spend time playing and socialising, exercising and time sitting with your pet.

2. Pets are not human

Sometimes they need time alone away from our noise, in a safe and comfortable space. It is important to let your pet be when they go to their safe space to rest. The place should be far away from the busy part of the house, and should always be equipped with a clean blanket.

3.  Always make sure your pet has enough play toys

The toys keep them busy and entertained, especially when you are away. This helps them from not being bored. A bored pet can be a destructive pet. Always make sure you have the right toy size depending on the size of your pet.

4. Pets are social animals and love socialising

Take them for walks, to the park, or have guests in your house. You can also train them to socialise with other pets and children.

5. Take time and learn about your pet’s breed and what they like.

By doing this, you will provide an exciting environment for them by always handling them in a manner that does not upset them.

6. Always put your pet health on the forefront.

You can invest for them in a pet health insurance or a health plan. Always keep in mind and remember a healthy pet is a happy pet.

With the above tips, I am sure you will know how to keep your pet healthy and happy. Pets are loyal and deserve the best. Who doesn’t like a happy pet, running and full of energy?


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