Trial Team Review: Tasty Bone Trio Bone

Trial Team Review: Tasty Bone Trio Bone

It’s totally normal for puppies and older dogs to chew on many different things. It’s their way of exploring various textures and tasting the world around them.

Our four-legged friends may also chew to relieve boredom or reduce anxiety. Plus, chewing is a great way to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. The constant chewing action helps to scrape away tartar build-up and increase saliva production, which is a super natural defence against tooth decay.

Of course for some of our furry friends, chewing forms part of their destructive behaviour, which can be challenging for pet parents. However, finding your dog a chew they love can help prevent him or her from chewing items they shouldn’t (such as the furniture, shoes or the kids’ toys!).

After all, chewing is a natural instinct for canines. If your barking buddy lived in the wild he’d regularly chow down on raw bones, so it’s important to support this inbuilt behaviour in an appropriate way.

Likewise, what if your canine chum is such a vigorous chewer he completely destroys any chew toy you buy­ him – no matter how tough the product claims to be?

Well, this is where the fun, incredibly knobbly and super duper yummy Trio Bone comes into play!

The Trio Bone is Guaranteed Tough

Designed for ALL dogs, from toy size to giant, the Tasty Bone Trio Bone features three uniquely shaped ends and hundreds of knobbly bits for dogs to get their teeth into.

Pawfect for powerful chewers, the Trio Bone comes in several delectably different flavours including: Bacon, Chicken, Beef, Peanut Butter, Peppermint and Lamb. The fabulous flavour goes right through to the core of the toy, so there’s no chance your pooch will get bored.

TIP: If you do feel the Trio Bone loses its smell or flavour, simply pop it in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes to reactivate the yumminess. Too easy!

Unlike some other chew items, the Trio Bone is made from 100% virgin nylon and infused with synthetic flavourings, making it super safe. Any bits your dog ingests will simply pass through their system without harm.

What’s more, the Trio Bone is ridiculously tough. In fact, it has been vigorously tested on the most dynamic chewers and, as such, comes with a ‘100 day guarantee!’

So, thanks to its durability, long-lasting tasty flavour and interesting design, the Trio Bone keeps dogs happy while also protecting and strengthening their teeth and gums. What’s not to love?

We Put Tasty Bone Trio Bone to the Test

To test the Trio Bone for ourselves we recruited six awesome pet parents and asked them to try out the chew bone on their beloved pooch. Here’s what they had to say.

“I really enjoyed that the Trio Bone did not have a strong odour, as past chew toys I have purchased sometimes have a very strong smell. It smelled faintly of peppermint. I was also impressed with the different sizes of dots on the Trio Bone, which would allow for Ringo to explore more textures. It was not as heavy as I was expecting it to be.” — An, pet parent to Ringo the Schnoodle

“The flavour (bacon) is very subtle, which I like. I thought it might be a bit strong. It feels really tough and long lasting, which would be really good for dogs that love to chew and destroy their toys by doing so. The different textures and knobbly bits are great, as it keeps the dog’s interest for longer.” — Lee, pet parent to Chewie the Border Terrier

“It’s very strong and looks like it will last a long time. The different sized balls on the bone felt good for cleaning Cleo’s teeth. It has a very, very faint smell of chicken.” — Kristina, pet parent to Cleo the German Shorthaired Pointer

Given that 50% of our reviewers admitted they don’t clean their dogs’ teeth, we asked whether the Trio Bone made any improvement to their fur pals’ teeth or breath.

“I have to admit, Chewie does have ‘dog breath’ but I feel it’s less stinky since he’s been chewing on the Trio Bone. All that chewing on the knobbly bits must be good for his teeth too.” — Lee, pet parent to Chewie the Border Terrier

“There was less of an odour than Ringo usually has, and I noticed a small hint of mint on his breath.” — An, pet parent to Ringo the Schnoodle


The Verdict on the Tasty Bone Trio Bone

Our furry friends have chowed down and our pet parents have spoken, so what’s the final verdict on the Trio Bone?

“I think the Trio Bone best suits medium to large-sized dogs that enjoy chewing, or even puppies with teething issues.” — An

“If you have a dog that constantly eats or destroys its toys the Trio Bone would be a great option, as it’s so durable but also good for dogs’ teeth—and safe to digest!” — Lee

“The Trio Bone is very durable, making it really great for dogs that easily destroy soft toys and are super strong chewers.” — Kristina

The majority of our reviewers said they would recommend the Trio Bone to other dog owners and they would consider purchasing the product in the future.

Overall the Tasty Bone Trio Bone got 4/5 stars from our Pets Forever Trial Team reviewers.

Priced from $26.99, the Tasty Bone Trio Bone is available from leading pet supply stores.




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