Trial Team Review: Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness

Trial Team Review: Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness

Just imagine setting out on a relaxing walk in the park with your canine chum and before you know it Fido is talking you for a walk! Jeez, no one wants to play an endless game of tug of war when they’re simply trying to take their fur pal for a walk.

So, why is it that many dogs pull on their leashes? Well, the most common reason is that they’ve learned that it helps them to move forward—to the front of the pack!

Sure, you may think sternly saying “no” to your pooch is helping prevent them from yanking at the leash. The truth is, talking just one teeny, tiny step forward when your dog pulls the leash is teaching your barking buddy that pulling works. Oh, dear!

Sure, pulling on the leash is natural behaviour for dogs. But it can get ‘kinda annoying. Not to mention painful on the old arm. Luckily, there is help at hand. And, it’s super stylish!

Style and Functionality Makes it a Win-Win

The brainy peeps at Stylish Hound set out to create the go-to training accessory that would allow us pet parents to walk our dogs without the constant arm wrestle. And my, oh my, did they deliver with their No-Pull Harness!

Aside from the fabulously funky patterns and cool colours (which we LOVE), the No–Pull Harness comes out top of the class for functionality. It features a back and front clip. However, it’s the front clip you use to train your four-legged pal not to pull. If your pooch does decide to yank at the leash, he or she will be redirected back towards you, instead of tugging at your arm. Yay, no more arm ache!

Both the harness and leash are made from quality (they feel super sturdy) materials. In fact, Stylish Hound uses 100% recycled plastics. So, not only are they doing the righty by our fur pals, but also the planet!

The straps on the harness are adjustable, so you can get just the right fit for your furry friend. Plus, the harness comes in a range of different sizes to suit all dogs from toy to ‘humungus’.

Of course, the No-Pull Harness might sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but does it deliver on its promise?

We Put the Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness Through its Paces

Whether you have a teensy-weensy doggo or a gigantic pooch, no pet owner wants to put up with constant pulling. To put the Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness to the test, we recruited four fabulous dog owners, whose dogs are a wee bit partial to a game of tug of war. Here’s what our Pet Pundits had to say.

“Like most dogs, Buddy loves to pull on a walk. We have been practicing no pulling techniques for some time, stopping, walking the other way, asking for a look and rewarding loose lead walking. The No-Pull Harness is a useful tool, but it must be used with training.” — Josie, pet parent to Buddy the Jack Russell.

“At first I questioned how the heck would this work, having the leash at the front of his chest. But as soon as both harness and lead were on and we started walking he was brilliant. He did try to pull forward a few times, but the elastic in the lead gave him the gentle pressure he needed on his chest without making him cough and splutter. It was terrific. He walked alongside me, not pulling ahead like he used to! It was a true miracle! Even the kids could not believe the difference. And Nugget was chuffed because we were all telling him what a beautiful, well-behaved dog he was. He was smiling for sure! Great product.” — Karin, pet parent to Nugget the Groodle.

“Cruz is a giant breed with a big chest, so it can be a challenge to find a harness that fits him well. However, the No-Pull Harness fits him very well! It’s easily adjustable too. It made it much more comfortable to walk him and I didn’t have to push him home this time!” — Caroline, pet parent to Cruz the Anatolian Shepherd.

“The harnesses are beautifully made and I like the Helpful Hints and Washing Instructions tag, but it would have been very helpful if the Helpful Hits tag had a picture showing how to fit the harness. I had to go to the website and check. I love the handle on the back of the Harness; I’m going to try this as a Flyball Harness.” — Josie, pet parent to Buddy the Jack Russell.

“I think the No-Pull Harness is a great way to train both young and old dogs to walk well on the lead. The fact it pulls at their chest, rather than at their neck makes it a lot nicer to use. Chewie seemed to really enjoy walking with the harness on and liked the fact he got lots of praise for walking so well.” — Lee, pet parent to Chewie the Border Terrier.

The Verdict on the Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness

After a week of testing, our four-legged friends and pet parents gave their final verdict on the Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness.


  • Good quality material
  • Great colours and designs to choose from
  • Avoids putting pressure on dogs’ necks
  • Improves dogs’ ability to walk and not pull


  • Need to watch the online video to ensure you fit it correctly


Overall, the Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness got 4.5/5 stars from our PetsForever Trial Team reviewers. All of our pet pundits said they would 100% recommend the harness to other pet owners whose dog’s tend to pull on the lead.


The Stylish Hound No-Pull Harness and Leash is priced from $60.98 and is available here.

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