Trial Team Review: Rogz Grinz Ball

Trial Team Review: Rogz Grinz Ball

Most dogs love to play ball, right? However, not all balls are equal. Some balls are not so good for our four-legged friends. Take tennis balls, for example. These can be a choking hazard for pooches. Plus, the fuzzy material can increase wear and tear on our canine chums’ teeth, which can give rise to dental problems.

So, how do you enjoy a fun game of ball with your barking buddy while also protecting his or her health and wellbeing? We recruited 10 pet parents to put the Rogz Grinz Ball to the test.

Not only can you throw it for your dog to happily catch, but you can also bounce it, float it on water or fill it with treats. Oh my, it sounds pretty cool (not to mention multi-functional), doesn’t it?

But guess what? Rogz was recently awarded “Pet Brand of the Year” in the Toy Category at the World Branding Awards 2021-22 Animalis Edition.

What’s more, the Grinz Ball is also CE certified (meaning it complies with EU health and safety standards), non-toxic and designed to be kind to your dog’s teeth.

Seriously, what’s not to love? Let’s find out if our Trial Team reviewers thought the Grinz Ball was the bee’s knees.

Our Pet Parents Put the Grinz Ball to the Test

The Rogz Grinz Ball comes in three sizes — small, medium and large — plus an array of colours, making it suitable for all dogs. Yet, unlike some balls and pet toys, the material is not overly hard nor is it too soft (great for heavy chewers!). In fact, most of our pet parents said their dogs seemed to like the texture.

Of course, as a pet owner, you can’t help but smile seeing your fur pal wearing a big wide grin. However, the handy hole also enables dogs to breath while holding the ball in their mouth.

“The Grinz Ball is lightweight and brightly coloured, making it easy to find at the park. I also loved the space for treats and that the small hole in it allowed Alfie to breath easy whilst it was in his mouth. Alfie LOVED IT!!” — Imogen, pet parent to Alfie the Cavoodle.

So, what else did our canine chums think about the Grinz Ball?

Shawn, pet parent to Benji the Brittany Spaniel, says, “Benji loved it before it even came out of the packet; it’s easily become his favourite ball. He loves playing fetch and also just entertaining himself by dropping it and then chasing after it.”

“At first Jynx was like whaaaaat is this thing smiling at me! Then she realised there were treats in it (I filled it with her favourite pup biscuits and treats) and they become best friends,” — Nerissa, pet parent to Jynx the Bull Arab cross.

“Sophie loved playing fetch with it. I think she enjoyed the texture, as she was quite happy to lie there and just chew on it.” — Rebecca, pet parent to Sophie the French Bulldog.

“Chewie isn’t a big fan of most toys but he loved the Grinz Ball instantly. He’s been playing with it ever since I gave it to him. Whereas other balls and toys get discarded (or broken) he keeps coming back to the Grinz Ball and seems to really enjoy chewing it. It has a nice texture.” — Lee, pet parent to Chewie the Border Terrier.

All smiles: Benji the Brittany Spaniel and Alfie the Cavoodle

Multi-functional and SO MUCH FUN!

Made from thermoplastic styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene (AKA SEBS), the Grinz Ball is both strong and flexible. This means it’s strong enough to bounce and withstand chewing, but pliable enough not to hurt your fur pal’s teeth. Heck, it even floats on water; making it the ‘kinda toy your barking buddy won’t want to leave home without.

“Gia and George played lots of fetch! They also loved when I bounced it hard and they had to try catching it as it bounced around. They enjoy it as a treat and to keep them entertained too.” — Rhiannon, pet parent to Gia the Pomeranian and George the Mini Foxie Russell.

“Ode loves everything about the Grinz Ball! He particularly loves how bouncy it is and enjoys playing fetch with it!” — Elyssa, pet parent to Ode the Groodle.

“This is Benji’s new favourite ball! He carries it with him where ever he goes. It keeps him entertained because every time he drops the ball it bounces in all different directions. It’s great. We have been using it outside for fetch, instead of a tennis ball, and he loves it.” — Shawn, pet parent to Benji the Brittany Spaniel.

“I stuffed it with kibble. My puppy hates to eat out of his bowl, but gobbled up all of his kibble from the Grinz Ball. It comes out very easily too, so it’s good for a young pup.” — Linda, pet parent to Billy the Cavoodle.

Playtime: Ode the Groodle and Sophie the French Bulldog

The Verdict on the Grinz Ball

Whether it was filled with treats and used as an enrichment toy, floating in water or used to play bounce or fetch — our furry friends all had heaps of fun putting the Grinz Ball to the test.

“It’s a decent size for small dogs and the rubber material means that it’s easy on his teeth and not too heavy to carry. There’s also the fact that it can hold treats and it’s bouncy, which adds to his excitement of the chase.” — Cynthia, pet parent to Dian Dian the long-haired Chihuahua.

“For us, the Grinz Ball was most useful as a treat ball, particularly when filled with a paste such as peanut butter or yoghurt for licking. The ball was also a good size to play fetch. The rubber is soft and easy to hold and it’s more durable than a tennis ball.” — Liza, pet parent to Orea the Border Collie x Maremma.

Overall, the Rogz Grinz Ball got 4.5 out of 5 stars from our panel of reviewers.

The Grinz Ball is priced from $11.99 and is available from leading pet retailers.


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