Trial Team Review: PopSockets PopGrip

Trial Team Review: PopSockets PopGrip

Ever clumsily dropped your phone on the pavement and discovered your phone screen had cracked? Bad news: You have to put up with a cracked screen or fork out to get it fixed. Good news: You can get yourself a PopSockets PopGrip to help prevent accidents like this! Even better, you can customise your PopGrip with your beloved furry friend. How cool is that?

Let’s face it we all love our pets, but we also luurve our mobile devices — so why not merge the two? Imagine how awesome it would be to see your cute cat’s or devoted dog’s face on the back of your phone.

Plus, PopSockets PopGrip makes it so much easier to hold your phone and text with one hand (while you hold your dog’s lead in the other!). It also makes snapping photos of your furry friend a cinch. Heck, it’s no surprise that PopSockets has reached the #2 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies!

Grey cat, popsocket

PopSockets are the New Pop Icon!

What is a PopSockets PopGrip you ask? Well, these innovative products come in many forms but are essentially used for phone gripping purposes. Just add this PopGrip onto the back of your phone for multiple positive outcomes, such as being repositionable, swappable, providing wireless charging, mount compatibility and last but not least easy grip/stand use.

You’ll be able to give your pet the TLC they need by providing them with more attention. You don’t require both hands while scrolling through Instagram anymore. Just use the secure grip or stand to lean your device on a surface and watch your fave TV show (ours is Bondi Vet) while you’re at it!

We Put PopSockets PopGrip to the Test

Sure, we could tell you how ah-mazing and super useful PopGrips are until we’re blue in the face. But instead, we invited a bunch of pet parents to create their very own PopSocket PopGrip and share their thoughts. Here’s what they had to say…

“It was incredibly easy to create a custom PopGrip – the hardest part was trying to choose which photo to use!” — Belinda, pet parent to Juniper

“I had so much fun creating the PopGrip. The photo came out very clear. Love the quality; it looks so good.” — Magda, pet parent to Grey

“I absolutely love that it’s personalised with my dog’s photo. It’s unique, stylish and very cute!” — Michelle, pet parent to Snoopy

“It was super easy to create; the process was very clear. In fact, my aunt loved ours so much that she’s going to order one with her dog’s photo!” — Michelle, pet parent to Azuki and Kumo

So it seems our Pet Pundits enjoyed the process of creating their personalised PopGrips, but what about its functionality?

Cute dog, popsockets

No-Stress Selfies

“It’s perfect for taking selfies, no more dropping the phone or accidentally hitting random buttons or icons on the screen.” — Michelle, pet parent to Snoopy

“It’s so useful for taking selfies, watching my series and also playing games. So glad I got it.” — Magda, pet parent to Grey

“Makes the phone feel so much more secure in my hand; haven’t dropped it once! Really good for selfies as, again, it gives you a secure grip on your phone.” —Phoebe, pet parent to Mr Rumble

Looks like our pet parents are selfie fans after all!!

Azuki, popsocket

The Verdict on the PopSocket PopGrip!

We’ve mentioned the product advantages, but have we missed any?

“Really comfy and simple. The top of it always swivels so you can quickly rotate between portrait and landscape for taking pics.” — Phoebe, pet parent to Mr Rumble

“Very easy – the design is ergonomic” — Michelle, pet parent to Azuki and Kumo

“It’s so useful. The adhesive sticks very well. I’m so happy I got a pop grip for my phone. I no longer drop it on the floor as I used to.” — Magda, pet parent to Grey

“Just stick it on your phone and away you go. Clicks in and out, it’s super easy too” —Michelle, pet parent to Snoopy

But the best thing about a customised PopGrip from PopSockets…

“My pup is with me wherever I go now!” — Belinda, pet parent to Juniper

Well, if that isn’t enough to convince you to brighten your day with a personalised PopSockets PopGrip, then I don’t know what is!

Overall the PopSocket PopGrip got 5/5 stars from our PetsForever reviewers.

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Fancy having a go at creating your own customised PopSocket (RRP: $24.95)? Head over to the PopSockets website (using our unique link) and apply the code PETSFOR10 and you’ll get a 10% discount off your order. Yay!



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