Trial Team Review: Petssager (pet massager)

Trial Team Review: Petssager (pet massager)

Us ‘hoomans’ like to be massaged, so why wouldn’t our furry friends enjoy a similar experience?

Well, it seems they absolutely do — and for good reason. Massage has lots of pawsome benefits for dogs and cats. Heck, even horses can enjoy being massaged. (Although, you might need a step ladder for this!)

Most pets loved to be touched, wouldn’t you agree? Now I don’t mean poking and prodding, but affectionately stroked or gently petted. I mean, what dog doesn’t love a belly rub?

Now, when it comes to massage, it’s not just the relaxation side of things you and your pet can enjoy. There are myriad other benefits. Did you know massage might help improve your fur pal’s circulation and flexibility?

It might also boost their immune function, reduce muscle ache and joint pain and help speed up injury recovery. Pretty impressive, right?

Oh, and that’s not all; massage is also a brilliant way to bond with your four-legged friend.

Now, what if we told you there was a way to make massaging your beloved fur pal even easier — and quite a lot of fun?

Recently, the PetsForever trial team (AKA our Pet Pundits) put the Petssager (a massage and grooming tool all in one) through its paces. We wanted to see if a) our fur pals liked being massaged, b) if the Petssager made the job easier and c) whether our furry friends would run a mile when they saw the Petssager. Let’s find out…

Pet Massage Made Easy

Suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses, livestock and even zoo animals, the Petssager is a multi-functioning vibrating pet massager and grooming brush.

It’s an absolute cinch to use as its clever design fits neatly into the palm of your hand, which makes the massage really simple and super relaxing. You can select from one of eight different vibrating functions— depending on your pet’s preference.

You can choose from a light and consistent vibration, more intense vibrations or even a pulsing rhythm — all at the touch of a button. Plus, it’s waterproof and no batteries are needed. You can recharge the Petssager using a computer or adaptor with USB port via the included cable. Genius!

Because of its compact size and the fact it’s rechargeable, you can take the Petssager anywhere—the park, on your vacay… Jeez, your pet will feel permanently pampered!

We Put the Petssager to the Test

Here comes the exciting bit. To test the Petssager, we recruited four fabulous pet parents and asked them to try out the pet massager on their canine chum. Here’s what they had to say.

“The design is quite ergonomic, so the massager is really comfortable to hold, which makes it relaxing for us humans too. I got quite sleepy and felt chilled-out myself while I was massaging my fur pal.” — Lee, pet parent to Chewie the Border Terrier

“I really like how the product is packaged. The design is easy to hold and so easy to use. When Buddy was relaxed and sitting with me on the couch I turned it onto its lowest setting and let him feel it on his back legs through the back of my hand. — Josie, pet parent to Buddy the Jack Russell Terrier.

“I found the Petssager very easy to hold. I trialled it while our dog was on his bed. He became much more relaxed and seemed to like the sixth function best but, to be honest, he enjoyed them all.”  — Kym, pet parent to Monty the Labradoodle

“I introduced the Petssager to Cruz when he was lying down, relaxing after his dinner. He was curious and sniffed it as it was vibrating. I turned it off and touched his body with it. He lay there with his eyes wide open. I then turned it on and let him feel the vibration and he put his head down and went to sleep! Guess he thought it was VERY relaxing!”  — Caroline, pet parent to Cruz the Anatolian Shepherd

The Verdict on the Petssager

Our furry friends have been massaged and our pet parents have spoken, so what’s the final verdict on the Petssager?

“It’s really easy to grab and use whenever you have time. It was nice to help our older dog feel relaxed and have some relief” — Kym

“I think the Petssager is great for bonding with your pet. I like knowing that I am helping my fur baby to relax.”  — Caroline

“After a few short sessions at home I decided to take it to Flyball Training and use it in between training sessions. Buddy now sees the device and will push up against it. It can help increase blood flow to reduce inflammation from training/running. So, it’s for this reason I use it with a magnesium spray on Flyball Competition days.” — Josie.

“Given that Chewie became super calm when I used the Petssager on him, I’d like to try it during a storm—as he gets quite anxious. I think it could work well for reducing storm-related stress.” — Lee

All four of our pet parents said they would 100% recommend the Petssager to other pet owners.

Overall the Petssager got 4/5 stars from our Pets Forever Trial team reviewers.

Petssager review star rating

Want a Petssager for your furry friend?

RRP: $75.  Available online here, priced at $69 including shipping within Australia


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