Trial Team Review: Kalmr Pet Liquid Magnesium Shampoo

Sure, there are a bunch of pet shampoos on the market but what sets Kalmr Pet Liquid Magnesium Shampoo apart is the fact it has magnesium as its core element.

What’s so special about magnesium? Well, magnesium is known to relax muscles, nerves and tendons, increase oxygen flow and revive energy levels. So, not only does it clean your doggo’s hair, it can also help revitalise your four-pawed pal.

You see, as your fur pal enjoys his or her bathtime the magnesium is absorbed through the hair follicles and skin. Not only will this shampoo leave your barking buddy’s fur super clean and shiny, but it can also decrease your pet’s anxiety and leave them feeling invigorated.

Kalmr Pet Shampoo blends magnesium, Vitamin E and essential lavender oil to help your favourite fur friend look good, feel awesome and smell GREAT!

Time to Put Kalmr Pet Shampoo Through its Paces

We all want our canine chums to feel their best and function at their optimum level. We also like it when they smell super nice too! To see if Kalmr Pet Shampoo is as good as it sounds, we invited 5 pooches and their owners to put it to the test. Keep on scrolling to find out what our pet parents had to say.

“Odin was a lot happier during his bath. He was also much less stressed; there was no running amok like he normally does afterwards!” — Melissa, pet parent to Odin the Staghound x Great Dane.

“After using Kalmr Pet Shampoo Aria smelt wonderful and her coat was super shiny and fluffy.” — Lisa Maree, pet parent to Aria the Cavoodle.

But what about Kalmr Pet Shampoo’s ability to lather and cleanse our dogs’ coats?

“Not too soapy and good for curly hair!” — Bahar, pet parent to Leyla the Cavoodle.

“Lathers beautifully, even in ‘waterproof’ coats. Odin’s fur is a lovely clean white after using Kalmr Pet Shampoo.” — Melissa, pet parent to Odin the Staghound x Great Dane.

“The shampoo lathers very well with minimal amount used.” — Josanne, pet parent to Shelby the Maltese Shih Tzu.

Max, the Maltese Poodle enjoying bathtime

Relaxation in a Bottle

Four out of five of our pet parents mentioned how Kalmr Pet Shampoo had left their four-pawed pal more calm and relaxed.

“I actually thought I was bathing a different dog. Unlike every other bathtime, Shelby did not move! — Josanne, pet parent to Shelby the Maltese Shih Tzu.

“Leyla was less anxious during bathtime and much more relaxed afterwards too!” — Bahar, pet parent to Maximus the Cavoodle.

Plus, even the dogs with sensitive skin seemed to benefit from bathing with Kalmr Pet Liquid Magnesium Shampoo.

“Max has sensitive skin and seems to be scratching slightly less after the shower using Kalmr.” — Diana, pet parent to Maximus the Maltese Poodle.

“Odin has skin allergies on his cheeks, which have been aggravated by other pet shampoos. So far I haven’t noticed any nasty reaction.” — Melissa, pet parent to Odin the Staghound x Great Dane.

“I found Aria’s skin to be a lot calmer when using Kalmr; no angry red or pink skin. It was more a normal white colour. We’ve struggled for years with skin issues so this product is reassuring for us.” — Lisa Maree, pet parent to Aria the Cavoodle.

Leyla, the Cavoodle during and after bathtime

The Verdict

It seems our furry friends have enjoyed their bathtime and our pet parents have liked having calmer dogs, but what’s the final verdict?

“Kalmr Pet Shampoo is a great product with quality ingredients.” — Bahar.

“I would definitely buy this pet shampoo and would love to see a conditioner in the range.” —  Josanne.

In fact, all five of our pet pundits said they would not only consider buying Kalmr Pet Liquid Magnesium Shampoo in the future, but they would also recommend it to other dog owners.

Overall, Kalmr Pet Liquid Magnesium Shampoo got 4.5/5 stars from our PetsForever Trial Team reviewers.

Priced at $24.10 (500ml), Kalmr Pet Shampoo is available from


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