Trial Team Review: Fetched PawPacks

Trial Team Review: Fetched PawPacks

Hands up if you like convenience. Of course you do. I mean, who would want to go out of their way for no real reason? So, when it comes to your canine chum’s meal times, you want them to be simple, right?

This is precisely where Fetched comes in. The super smart people behind the brand get that life is demanding and our time is often limited—but our pets mean everything to us. We’re talking serious pooch love!

Their mission was to make doggy dinners easy peasy, without compromising on healthy, quality ingredients. And what better way to do this than by offering your furry friend pre-portioned, premium food delivered direct to your doorstep? Halleluiah, no more lugging 10kg bags of pet food around your favourite (no names mentioned) supermarket!

Fetched pawpacks


Fetched: No-Fuss Dog Food With All the Feel Goods

Essentially, Fetched is a dog food subscription service (although you can place a one-off order). It takes just a couple of minutes to fill in a few details about your fur pal (weight, activity level, gender etc) and Fetched calculates a tailor-made meal plan with their pre-portioned packs (AKA PawPacks).

It’s not just any old Tom, Dick or Harry that creates Fetched kibble; it’s formulated by vet nutritionists using human-grade ingredients. The food is packed with nutrients and carefully-chosen ingredients (like beet pulp and chicory root for better digestion), which makes feeding your barking buddy, well…a no-brainer!

There’s no more worrying about whether or not you’re overfeeding or under-feeding your pooch. Plus, you can forget about last-minute mad dashes to the supermarket because you’ve run out of dog food. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)


We Put Fetched PawPacks to the Test

Sure, Fetched sounds fantastic but will our doggos like the smell and taste? Here’s what our epic Pet Pundits (that’s the fancy pants name we give to our reviewers!) had to say.

Firstly, 80% of our reviewers admitted to worrying about overfeeding their pooch. Just under half of our pet parents said their dog could be fussy when trying a new food; so let’s see how Fetched faired when put to the test.

Maddi is not fed kibble but OMG she gobbled it down like it was her last meal. I even used it as training treats and she really liked it. I also tried it on her boyfriend, Eddie (a Jack Russell), as he’s used to kibble and he also gobbled it down without hesitation.” — Mal, pet parent to Maddi the Border Terrier.

“Simba loved it. Typically he doesn’t like eating kibble, which we get from pet shops. However, he tried Fetched and instantly loved it!” — Prachi, pet parent to Simba the Jack Russell.

“The ingredients are excellent. I have to admit, it took a few clicks to find the full list on the web site but I’m glad I did; reading the detail made me love Fetched even more.” — Josie, pet parent to Buddy the Jack Russell.

“The fact the food comes pre-portioned, according to your dog’s needs and details, is great as you don’t have to worry about portion control. The packs are easy to store, open and use and the kibble smelled fresh. It’s nice to know you’re feeding your dog grain free, human-grade ingredients.” — Georgie, pet parent to Frank the Border Collie.

“I love the fact the ingredients are natural and don’t include fillers. The Kangaroo and Lamb kibble smelled fresh and not overpowering; it was much less intense than my dog’s usual supermarket food. The portioned packs are handy, particularly if travelling with your dog!” — Lee, pet parent to Chewie the Border Terrier.

“I did notice that he pooped a couple of times more than normal after eating Fetched food. But maybe that’s because it has ingredients that aid digestion!” — Prachi, pet parent to Simba the Jack Russell.

The Verdict on Fetched PawPacks

Our canine chums have chowed down and our Pet Pundits have had their say, so what’s the verdict on Fetched PawPacks?

  • 100% said they loved the recyclable packaging.
  • 80% of our reviewers said they would consider purchasing Fetched in the future.
  • And 100% said they would recommend Fetched to other dog owners.

Overall, Fetched PawPacks got 4/5 stars from our Pets Forever Trial Team reviewers.

Fetched PawPacks review

Try a Fetched PawPack for free by clicking here or simply check out the website for more details.

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