Trial Team Review: Doggylicious Cookies

Trial Team Review: Doggylicious Cookies

We, doting dog owners, love nothing more than to treat our canine chums. After all, treats can play a super useful role in helping you to build a strong and loving relationship with your barking buddy.

But wait…we also know that not all dog treats are equal. Of course, some things we might consider a treat (like chocolate) are toxic to dogs, so these need to be avoided. Yet even treats specifically intended for our pooches can be bad news. Why? Well, because sadly some dog treats contain unhealthy ‘fillers’, artificial sugars and low-grade ingredients.

So, when it comes to picking the perfect treat for your pawsome pal, it pays to choose a yummy snack that’s made from real ingredients you actually recognise. This way you know it’ll be lip-smackingly good and your dog will love you all the more! Hurray!

In our search for a nutritious and delicious dog treat we stumbled across Doggylicious, who make by far the tastiest dog cookies around. How exactly do we know this? They are suitable for human consumption (yes, really), so you and your pooch can enjoy a treat together. How cute!

Guaranteed to Be Gobbled and Enjoyed

Doggylicious Cookies are 100% grain and gluten free, so no pooch or human need miss out. Instead, these little beauties are jam-packed with top-notch, tasty ingredients like peanut butter (yum!), coconut flour, pepita seeds and egg shell powder – wait, what?

That’s right, some cookies in the range contain egg shell powder—which might sound ‘kinda strange but it’s there for a reason. Did you know egg shell powder is a natural calcium booster? Mind blown!

Sure, some pets get their calcium from bone meal, but the clever crew at Doggylicious choose to use egg shell powder. This is because bones can store impurities. Eggs, on the other hand, are an awesome source of fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals, so they provide calcium plus a bunch of other benefits.

Doggylicious Cookies are hand baked and the end result is a soft, crumbly cookie that really is good enough to gobble in one. Plus, there’s a range of different cookies to choose from.

We Put Doggylicious Cookies to the Test

Let’s be honest, we could tell you how amaze-balls Doggylicious Cookies are until the cows come home. But what we all want to know is what did our Trial Team think about them. Here’s the lowdown from our dog-loving Pet Pundits…

I really like the ingredients in the cookies. I noticed most of the ingredients are the same as the birthday cake I bake for Cleo each year. She loves peanut butter! I was intrigued that there was coconut oil in the cookies, which I haven’t used in the cake before. Great to know dogs can have coconut oil.” — Kristina, pet parent to Cleo the German Shorthaired Pointer.

“I love that the ingredients are all familiar and natural. No fillers or yukky stuff. The Calming Cookies contain sunflower seeds, pepitas and coconut — gosh, it sounds like a delicious and healthy museli bar!” — Georgie, pet parent to Frank the Border Collie.

“I noticed my cookies contained L-Theanine, but the packaging detailed that this ingredient reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.” — Josie, pet parent to Buddy the Jack Russell.

But were any of our pet parents brave enough to taste a cookie for themselves? Hell yeah!

“Yes, I ate two and they were yummy! Cruz liked it too, which is rare; he’s very picky with treats!” — Caroline, pet parent to Cruz the Anatolian Shepherd.

“I did happen to have a nibble myself, and enjoyed that the biscuit wasn’t too sweet or strong in flavour. It had a nice, natural taste.” — An, pet parent to Ringo the Schnoodle.

“The cookies smell nice! The peanut butter and coconut oil is nice a strong. I had a tiny, tiny nibble and it tasted sweet to me, I actually liked it!” — Kristina, pet parent to Cleo the German Shorthaired Pointer.

“I must admit I was a little apprehensive to try them but they were surprisingly nice. Soft to chew, nutty in flavour and I could taste the honey and coconut.” — Josie, pet parent to Buddy the Jack Russell.

The Verdict on Doggylicious Cookies

It seems Doggylicious Cookies get a whopping thumbs up from our Pet Pundits and their pooches. Every one of our reviewers would consider purchasing the cookies in the future and would recommend them to fellow pet parents.

Now, as soon as Chewie sees the box of cookies his tail starts furiously wagging!” — Lee

“Cleo ate the cookie very quickly, licked up all the crumbs and then waited for another one. Guess she likes them!” — Kristina

Overall Doggylicious cookies got 5/5 stars from our Pets Forever Trial Team reviewers.

Doggylicious cookies review

Doggylicious cookies are $12.45 and are available online.

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