Trial Team Review: Digestive K9

Trial Team Review: Digestive K9

Did you know that 70% of your doggo’s immune system is housed in its gut? And, just like us hoomans, dogs can suffer from poor gut health.

In fact, we are seeing a significant rise in microbiome-associated disorders in our pets due to a variety of reasons such as antibiotic medications, modern pet food diets, and lifestyle.

But how do you know if your canine chum’s gut health is good or bad? Digestive issues can manifest as other problems. For example, anxiety or aggressive behaviour, itchy skin, as well as weight issues.

Here are some of the common signs of an unhealthy gut.

  • Anxiety or aggression
  • Constipation, diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Abnormal stool colour or consistency
  • Weight problems
  • Allergies or sensitivities
  • Excessive gas
  • Recurrent infections
  • Dull coat
  • Skin issues (itching and redness)
  • Lack or energy

So, what if your furry mate is displaying some of the above signs? Well, you may choose to look at improving your barking buddy’s gut health.

Kaha + Feronia with Digestive K9

True Health Begins in the Gut

Understanding how the gut works can help make sense of how you can support your dog’s health. The gut absorbs and digests food and nutrients. When the microbial balance becomes out of whack, food isn’t well digested and nutrients aren’t properly absorbed. As a result, the body’s overall health can suffer.

Backed by scientists, vets and dog owners across Australia, Digestive K9 is designed to support dogs’ health and wellbeing by maximising gut performance and efficiency. This canine dietary supplement provides a scientifically formulated blend of natural, holistic, food-grade ingredients to support your dogs’ digestive, immune and nervous system.

Digestive K9 is a blend of prebiotics, antioxidants and food-grade ingredients. But the best news is that it’s super easy to give to your dog. You simply sprinkle, mix and serve. What’s more, you can add Digestive K9 into your dog’s existing diet. (Note: dogs should eat a well-balanced nutritious diet – high in protein and veggies and low in carbs.)

We Put Digestive K9 to the Test

Perhaps you’ve considered adding a supplement to your dog’s diet but have been worried about wasting money on a product that doesn’t work. That’s understandable. After all, many supplements are not cheap.

To put Digestive K9 to the test, we recruited owners whose dogs were displaying some issues. For example, some of our dogs had skin irritations. Others were having ‘unusual’ poops, and some were displaying signs of anxiety.

Our Pet Pundits added the Digestive K9 supplement to their dog’s diet over a period of 12 weeks. Here’s what they had to say…

“Already, in the last few days since taking the product, Ninna is significantly less vocal. Although she will always be a talkative girl, she’s able to simply chill. Her poops are a really good size and consistency, and she’s much more bouncy and playful.” — Alyssa, pet parent to Ninna, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

“Scout’s coat is much softer and shinier. His breath smells much better, and he is scratching less. Also, his stools are no longer hard.” — Rebecca, pet parent to Scout, a Jack Russell

“Kaha is so much more energetic. She’s nearly 12 and is acting like a 2-year-old! Her skin is better, (she has allergies, but is not scratching or licking her skin and paws anywhere near as much). Her poos are solid and regular; she’s not had any diarrhoea since starting on Digestive K9.” — Celine, pet parent to Kaha, a Labrador

“Aria’s skin has improved dramatically. We are so happy to see her fur starting to grow back. She definitely seems to be a lot happier now, compared to before starting on Digestive K9.” — Lisa Maree, pet parent to Aria, a Cavoodle (pictured below)

Aria, digestive k9 trial

The Verdict on Digestive K9

After trialling the product, 100% of our respondents said they would consider purchasing Digestive K9. Key things our Pet Pundits like about Digestive K9 include:

  • Easy. It’s simple to mix into your dog’s food
  • It’s economically viable as a little goes a long way
  • Effective. Numerous health benefits have been seen.

“She has no more skin irritations, her coat is soft and shiny, her flatulence has gone, and she has great all-day energy. She also sleeps better, for longer periods at night. Overall, she is a calmer, happier dog. I would continue her on Digestive K9. I am happy with the benefits of this product.” — Teresa, pet parent to Princess Feronia, an American Pitbull Cross

Before starting the trial, Gus’ eyes were very red and gunky – similar to conjunctivitis. Now his eyes are clearer and not gunky. His poo is also a lot healthier.” — Nerida, pet parent to Gus, a Bulldog

I like that Digestive K9 can be easily mixed into my dogs’ meals and that it stores well. The packet is resealable, which is great. I have seen a slight improvement in my dog’s skin – less itchy and red. It’s also good to know that when using Digestive K9 I am giving my dogs added nutrition at each meal.” — Harlin, pet parent to Goofy, a Labrador, and Cashew, a Pug

Chowder’s appetite has been better since we started using K9 Digestive. For example, previously he would never finish his food in one go. The presentation of his poo has improved as well. He has far less soft, watery poos —unless he eats something he shouldn’t!” — Cherie, Pet parent to Chowder, a Kelpie/Ridgeback Cross

Overall Digestive K9 got 4.5/5 stars from our Pets Forever Trial Team reviewers.

Digestive K9 trial team rating


Find out more about Digestive K9. Click here to visit the website or clue up on digestive health with this awesome e-book featuring advice and tips on good gut health.

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