Top Pet Trends for 2021 All Pet Parents Should Know About

Top Pet Trends for 2021 All Pet Parents Should Know About

All pet parents can agree that our pets are becoming more and more like family members to us. This explains why the pet industry continues to see a huge rise in pet trends such as premium services and products. 

With so many pet parents concerned about their pets, manufacturers are doing their very best to capitalise on our worry. Surprisingly, even during these tough economic times due to Covid-19, pet parents are still splashing considerable amounts of cash to keep their pets healthy and happy. This most likely explains why the pet food business alone is worth  $3.9 billion in Australia and why industry advocates say the pet sector is “COVID proof”.

The year 2021 has seen pet industry products and services companies offer us what they think we and our beloved pets need. 

Some pet parents rarely pay attention to the new pet trends until they need to replace something. It may be your dog’s favourite toy or even your cat’s water bowl. Yet, it may be in our best interest to pay attention to the trends that are going on in the pet product industry. Who knows, we may find something that might make our lives a lot easier as pet parents?

In 2018, the estimated first-year-ownership cost of a dog ranged between $2,350 and $5,220. As we speak, this amount has tripled, owing to pet trends such as tech innovations, more heightened awareness and the need to simplify and improve life for us and our pets.

Here are some of the pet trends to look out for in 2021.


1.Premium Pet Food

You’ve probably seen more than your fair share of pet food that claims to be premium. A company releases a new pet food product line and claims that it’s better and healthier for our pets than what we are currently feeding them. 

As pet parents, we find ourselves giving in and giving these new products a try. This is because, with the continued spread of humanisation of pets, we want our pets to eat as healthy as we do. Pet parents will look for less processed, clean foods with a greater focus on health. 

Top trends in premium pet food include:

  • Raw: A diet that includes raw meat, vegetables, bones and fish.
  • Ancient grains: A little-to-no gluten diet that includes grains that occurred throughout history like quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, chia seeds and teff.
  • Sustainability: Pet foods that have sustainable, non-toxic ingredients and packaging. The packaging should also be recyclable and easy to dispose of.
  • Organic or Natural: Pet owners look for natural organic food that will fulfill their pet’s nutritional requirements.
  • Homegrown: Products with the “Made in the Australia” label meaning that these pet food products are made from ingredients sourced locally. Also, everything is manufactured within the country, including the packaging.
  • Limited-ingredient diets: These are foods that deal primarily with your pet’s health concerns, including stomach sensitivity, arthritis, allergies and more.


2. Natural Pet Products

Besides natural cat and dog food, other natural pet products are emerging and are some of the top pet trends for 2021 all pet parents should know about. Natural products continue to gain popularity for both pets and humans as people become warier of the toxicity of harmful materials and synthetic chemicals. 

There is a new awakening about improving our planet’s health. Our furry family members are not being left behind. Natural pet products are now preferred so as to decrease our pets’ carbon paw prints.

Top-selling natural pet products include:

  • Cat and dog food
  • Flea and tick repellents
  • Grooming products
  • Products for older pets


3. Pet Supplements and CBD

Every pet owner is concerned about their pet’s fiber intake and other supplemental foods such as formulas. 

Another top pet trend for 2021 that all pet parents should know about is formula-based supplements. These supplements are equipped with fiber and other organic ingredients that are sufficient to keep your pet healthy, happy and strong. When your pet is healthy they are able to better ward off diseases.

Popular pet supplements include vitamins, fish oil and probiotics among others.

But perhaps the fastest-growing pet supplement category is CBD. The global CBD pet market size was valued at USD 27.7 million in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.3% from 2021 to 2027. The perceived benefits of cannabis, high awareness among pet owners, and preference for natural pet supplements have led to an upsurge in its market growth.

While there’s no definitive scientific data showing that using CBD treats pets, there’s anecdotal evidence from some pet parents suggesting that it can treat neuropathic pain. Some pet parents have also claimed that CBD has helped their pets control seizures.

Other reported benefits that have seen the use of this supplement grow even further are;

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • cardiac benefits 
  • anti-nausea effects 
  • appetite stimulation
  • anti-anxiety impact
  • possible anti-cancer benefits

It is important to note that these claims have not been proven and that it is best to seek advice from your vet before administering any supplements to your pet.

4. Pet Tech

Tech is forever evolving and is particularly changing the world of pets and their parents. In 2021, pet parents will use pet apps to arrange dog daycare, pet grooming, pet sitting or to find pet-friendly communities to belong to.

One such community can be found in PetsForever’s app. Here, pet parents can interact and get helpful tips on a variety of pet-related matters. They can even get veterinary advice to set their minds at ease and educate them on different topics. To join this community, simply download the PetsForever app on the App Store or Google Play.

Pet care businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mobile-friendly services. New tech-based pet products, such as video camera systems that allow absent pet parents to monitor their pets, microchip-enabled pet doors, self-cleaning litter boxes, are becoming increasingly common.

Litter boxes that change colour based on your cat’s urine pH levels are also becoming a big trend. They help pet parents detect metabolic acidosis, worms, UTI and other illnesses their pets may have before they become more harmful.

There are also smart pet toys, wearable tech, like camera harnesses for dogs and bluetooth-enabled smart leashes that monitor you and your pet’s activity levels while walking, running or even playing in the backyard.

These are definitely top trends for pet parents to look out for in 2021!


5. Natural Pet Toys

Another trend for pet parents to look out for in 2021 is natural pet toys. They are made from non-petroleum-based and naturally-sourced materials. The most vital element of these toys is whether or not they are eco-friendly. Fast-growing bamboo requires no fertiliser or replanting and is excellent for pet chew toys. Jute also grows with ease and is a wonderfully sustainable fiber that can be woven into fairly durable pet toys. 

Natural pet toys, however, have one downside. They don’t have the durability of artificially made toys. For less destructive pets, these toys can work very well. They are also preferred for pet owners with fur babies that display mild levels of allergic reactions. The natural materials help reduce incidences of problems in pets with hyper-sensitivity to artificial components.

6. Virtual Pet Services

The COVID-19 pandemic seems like it will be here with us for some time. As a means to an end, virtual pet services have increasingly become available from many professionals such as dog trainers, groomers and veterinarians.

Pet parents are now engaging the services of these professionals using virtual meetings and this trend is expected to continue long after the pandemic is over. Adapting to this new trend will allow experts to keep practicing and offering services that would otherwise have required meeting physically. 

What pet trends are you loving?


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