Top questions all new dog owners should ask before adopting a dog

Top questions all new dog owners should ask before adopting a dog

Before adopting a dog, you should ask several dog questions to make sure you are ready for an addition to your family. Choosing to adopt a dog or puppy is an exciting time. However, there are many things to consider before adopting a pet to ensure the right dog is placed with the right family.

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Here are answers to some of the top dog questions asked before adopting a dog.

Where Should I Get a Dog to Adopt?

There are irresponsible and inhumane dog breeders and puppy farms all over the world. When choosing where to get your dog, it’s important to carefully pick the right place so that you don’t unknowingly support such places.

Instead, choose ethical places where animal rights are not being violated. These include registered breeders, purebred rescue programs, animal shelters and council pounds, rescue groups, national pet adoption websites, veterinarians, or pet shops that have partnered with rescue groups.

Is My Family Prepared for a New Pet?

Adopting a dog is a decision that all the family members should agree upon.

If you are considering adopting a dog, then how prepared your entire family is for this addition to the family is a crucial dog question. This is because the arrival of a new dog in your home not only changes the lives of your family members but that of the dog too.

The time your new dog takes to adjust to their new environment will depend on how your family collaborates with them in their new environment. Because every dog has its own story, it could take a couple of days or even weeks. The more on board with the decision to adopt, the more willingly they will welcome and love the new dog.

Which Is the Best Dog Breed to Adopt?

Another dog question to ask yourself is the breed that best suits you and your family. This is because different breeds can have different needs and temperaments. A breed with long hair will cost you more in grooming, for example. A larger dog will eat more than a small one. Some breeds are more prone to health problems that will cost you more in vet bills.

For this reason, it is important not to choose a dog because the breed is trendy or it looks cute or macho. Do your homework and choose a dog breed that will suit your lifestyle and energy levels. It would be best to consider your personality and lifestyle, space restrictions, and the amount of time you can spend at home.

Can you afford to care for a dog?

According to the Australian Veterinary Association, you can spend an average of $25,000 per animal over their average lifespan. Because dogs can live up to up to 20 years, this is quite a substantial amount. According to RSPCA, on top of the initial costs during the first year of a dog’s life, you may also be looking at an additional $910 per year minimum for the duration of his life. The final figure varies depending on the dog’s age, size, breed, and any illnesses or accidents.

Is Your Home Dog Ready?

Dog question number five, have you prepared your home for your new fur baby? Before welcoming a new fur baby to your home, there are some preparations you need to make. You’ll need to prepare all the basics. There are the basic requirements such as the right food, toys and a pet first aid kit, but there is also the need to dog-proof your home. This means that you should check for any points that the dog could use to escape.

Another dog question to ask yourself is whether the new family member has a safe zone or area to relax and slowly start getting used to the new surroundings.

Your home might also have harmful or dog-unfriendly plants, toxic foods, or dangerous household items. Be sure to keep these out of paw’s reach to make your home as safe as possible before adopting a dog.

Are you willing to be patient?

Another dog question to answer before adopting is how patient you are willing to be. Because significant changes can often be somewhat stressful for dogs, it’s important to practice patience to help your new dog adapt to the new environment.

As exciting as it may be to have a new dog in your family, one way you can practice patience is by trying to contain your excitement. Chances are that the dog won’t feel comfortable right away, so it’s best to take it slow. Try not to overwhelm them with forced interaction and cuddles too soon. Let the new fur baby dictate the pace.

You will also need to be patient enough to undertake all aspects of dog training to encourage positive behaviour and toilet training. Do not forget to use positive reinforcement methods and reward the dog with treats. If you are adopting from a shelter, chances are that you may not need to toilet train, but you will still need to train your dog about your house rules.

What is your work situation?

Another dog question to ask yourself before adopting a dog is whether you will have the time he or she will take up. Are you prepared for the things you need to give up in exchange for pet parenthood? How long are your working hours and the commute to work? Will your job require you to be leaving your dog home alone for long hours? These are dog questions that are pertinent to your decision to adopt a dog.

If you live in a small apartment or have a job that requires you to work for long hours, it is advisable not to adopt a breed that needs lots of exercise or gets anxious. Their anxiety or lack of exercise may cause them to damage your place or force you to seek dog-sitting services.

Exercise is very important for dogs. In cases where you have limited time to walk your dog, dog walking services would come in handy in providing the exercise your dog needs. It improves physical and mental health while relieving boredom and anxiety. A simple trick most pet parents use to keep both them and their dog healthy by exercising with them.

To gain easy access answers to dog questions such as these and more, you can easily download the PetsForever app via Google PlayStore on your android or AppStore for your Apple phone. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics. You will get tips and advice from a community of pet lovers, and professional veterinarian advice.


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