Top 7 reasons to have a cat

Top 7 reasons to have a cat

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Those who are avid cat lovers know that having a cat at home is the best thing ever. With their caring gestures, fluffiness and downright fun, the felines always take joy to wherever they walk in. Do you have any reasons for why you should have a cat? We have a few so read now our top 7 reasons to have a cat!

1. Cats are independent

Having a four-legged buddy comes with many responsibilities. However, cats are known for giving their owners much less work compared to other pets. One of the great benefits of having a cat is the fact that they’re considered an independent pet, which means that you will have fewer daily tasks to look out for since they take care of themselves. Here are a few of the tasks that are facilitated to us by having cats:

  • Pee and poop: cats perform their necessities like any other pet. The difference is that they always look for a sandbox to do their deeds in the bathroom! That not only reduces the odour significantly as it makes it easier for the owner to clean up, with little to no training involved.
  • Hygiene: The type of cleansing done by cats themselves is more than enough to keep them away from the pet shop for quite a while. It is still recommended to bathe your cats once every two months, though;
  • Activities: offering a routine with different activities is a very important point in responsible tutoring. To entertain a cat, all you need is to offer them a few toys and accessories, besides love and attention of course! By creating a fun environment for them, they will have fun for their whole lives independently!

Cats sure can make things easier, but don’t forget that every pet needs care, love and attention. The benefits of having a cat are many, but the responsibilities are always left to their owner!

2. Cats improve your health

Those who live with a pet know that they bring many joys, but did you know that having a cat can literally improve your health? That’s what a study conducted in 2009 by the University of Minnesota says.

Researchers analysed the health of cat owners and proved that felines helped in lowering our levels of stress. That way, the responsible scientists concluded that cat lovers have a 30% less chance of dying of a heart attack than other people, simply because of the advantages of having a cat!

3. Cats help us sleep

Those who have lived with a cat know how good it feels when they sleep on our lap, purring and showing their love. And it’s not for no reason; a different study by a sleep clinic in the US has shown that cats actually make us sleep better! According to the research, 41% of cat owners informed that their sleep is improved if their cat is next to them.

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4. Cats reduce allergies

Implying that one of the advantages of having a cat is a reduction of allergies can seem strange, can’t it? However, a study published by the National Institutes of Health, in the US, shows otherwise!

According to the research, when children below the age of one year old are exposed to felines, they gain higher allergy immunity! And that does not apply solely to cat allergies. Data has shown that babies who live with cats also gain resistance against dust, pollen and other allergenic elements.

5. A cat’s purr is therapeutic, literally

Really, is there anything better than those whiskers purring on your lap? It’s such a nice and revitalising feeling! Scientists believe that the purr of cats is, actually, a powerful therapeutic agent. The sound emitted by them vibrates between 20 and 140 Hz.

According to the studies, vibrations between 18 and 25 Hz have the power to be auxiliary in the recovery of bones and tissues. According to that theory, hearing cats purr frequently can actually improve your general health!

6. Cats are excellent hunters

Cats still have many mysteries that scientists try to unfold. Maybe one of the biggest ones is the reason why they were domesticated. After all, if we really think about it, having a fluffy and fun pet doesn’t really help in developing a rural and agrarian society, right?

However, researchers believe that there is a simple reason why a friendship between felines and humans blossomed: they are excellent hunters! When humanity started having farms and plantations, soon came the cats to aid in the hunting of plagues and wild animals.

So who better to have right next to you to hunt a mouse or a bird than a cat? They let societies be free of rats and pests, including animals known for transmitting diseases.

7. Cats are loyal

It’s common for us to hear, for instance, that cats aren’t as lovable and live with their human families just out of convenience. That is a myth that any cat lover can easily dismiss! Those who have lived with cats know that they are very loyal companies, sweet and friendly all around. And it’s not just common knowledge that proves their loyalty.

A research conducted by the University of Oregon, in the US, has shown that most cats get very uncomfortable and agitated when their owners aren’t around and are also very protective of them.

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On the other hand, once their owners return, the cats become way happier and relaxed. Said study shows that, differently of what people without cats believe, felines trust their owners unconditionally, besides having an enormous care for their entire families.

If you were in doubt about getting a cat, knowing those seven advantages will certainly help you decide!


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