Things you give up in exchange for Pet Parenthood

Things you give up in exchange for Pet Parenthood

Many people I know do not have pets because they are afraid that the pet might destroy their belongings or cause mayhem. We can agree that pet ownership is not for everyone. If you cannot tolerate fur on your clothes and furniture or destruction of nice things like shoes and handbags, then pet ownership may not be your thing.

The love you receive from your pet is something that is out of this world. It is genuine and an experience you can cherish and hold dearly. However, can everyone tolerate the negative things that come with pet ownership? In this article, we will look at things you may sacrifice after bringing home your fur friend.


Clothes and furniture free of fur

You cannot evade fur when you have a pet unless you choose to have a non-shed or hairless dog or cat breeds. Trust me; a house that is full of pets is a house full of fur! I have two dogs in the house, and I vacuum daily and I still cannot  get rid of the fur completely.

When you open your door to animals, you learn to ignore the fur. Better yet, you enjoy every strand of fur that you find on clothes and even joke about it.

Here are some tips for dealing with the fur problem:

  1. Change your furniture to soft leather. From a personal experience, soft leather furniture carries less fur and it is easier to clean.
  2. Regular pet grooming helps remove loose fur from your pet, which means less fur on your furniture and clothes. I control fur by brushing my dogs twice a week, and this reduces the amount of fur significantly.
  3. Accept pet fur is a part of your home.

Say Goodbye to nice belongings

All dog owners are advised to keep all their nice belongings away from their fur babies. Young puppies love to chew on everything and cannot stop themselves from chewing your expensive heals. Every dog is different; some love chewing on personal belongings while others love chewing on the furniture.

There are measures you can take to prevent your dog from destroying your belongings:

  1. Keep all valuable items out of reach of your dog or behind closed doors.
  2. Use bitter apple cider vinegar to prevent them from chewing your furniture.
  3. Adopt older pets that are not likely to chew on your belongings. Be sure to check with the shelter staff, if the dog you are about to take home are free of chewing habits.
  4. Set aside a room that is meant for pets only. Your dog can freely walk in and out of the room as they like. Make sure the room is full of chew toys to keep them busy while you are away.

Changing to an active lifestyle

Knowing that your pet is waiting for you to come home can make you have an active lifestyle. Having a pet will make you have a sense of responsibility and something to always look forward to. Your pet needs regular grooming and playtime, which will keep you busy.


When you take in a pet, forget about privacy. Most dogs and cats will always escort you to the bathroom and want to hang out with you.

A good night sleep

All cat and dog owners can confess that their pets are addicted to their bed. They crave for joining you in your bed every day in the middle of the night. If you allow your pets to sleep with you in your bed, it will become a routine that you will never change. Instead, provide a comfortable and soft bed for your pet in your bedroom. Make sure to always direct your pet to sleep on it. This will need patience and consistency to work.

The benefits of becoming a pet parent are more than the sacrifices you have to make when you take them in. In return, you get unconditional love, learn about forgiveness, get someone to spend time with and lower your blood pressure and stress levels.

Remember, you may live with your pet for more than twenty years. Trust me; this time will be the best time of your life!

Have we left anything out? Let us know what changed, in your life or what you sacrifices you have made to have a pet.


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