The incredible benefits of Topical Magnesium for your pet

The incredible benefits of Topical Magnesium for your pet

Why Magnesium?

Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal. This mineral is found naturally in the environment and also
inside many living organisms. Magnesium is one of the essential minerals needed to grow and
sustain life.

Magnesium is an essential agent in over 300 enzymatic functions that regulate a range of
biochemical reactions in the body. These include assisting both muscle and nerve functions,
energy production and maintaining regulated heart and blood pressure.

It’s good for humans and animals

Animals require magnesium in a similar way to humans. The problem is that many pets don’t get
enough magnesium. While the element is naturally present in many foods like walnuts, wheat,
chocolate, and macadamia nuts, these foods are not safe to give to your pet. Processed dog and
cat foods may not have sufficient magnesium and other minerals to support your pet’s health.

Without enough magnesium, your pet is prone to the following symptoms:

· Depression
· Severe muscle pain
· Abnormal Heart Rhythm
· Gastrointestinal problems
· Behavioural changes

How much magnesium do pets need?
Dogs and cats both have a recommended daily intake. However, each breed and size should be
taken into consideration for necessary intake. We recommend researching your pet’s breed to find
the daily intake specific to their needs.

How to add topical magnesium into your pet’s daily routine?

Kalmr Pet Magnesium range offers solutions for every pet owner.

Kalmr Pet Liquid Magnesium Spray is natural and an all Australian owned and operated business.
Applying topical magnesium is one of the oldest forms of treatment for skin disease and irritations,
as liquid magnesium has natural antibacterial properties. Liquid magnesium is also a natural anti-
inflammatory, which makes it excellent for pets that suffer from arthritis pain or joint soreness
after a big day of running in the park or have recently become injured and need assistance

We recommend spraying Kalmr Pet Liquid Magnesium Spray directly on to your pet’s skin
whenever you want to relax your pet’s muscles and calm jumpy nerves that may be associated
with anxiety or muscle spasms. It can also help soothe skin irritations and relieve muscle pain.
If your pet has trouble sleeping, you might try Kalmr Pet’s Magnesium Cream.

Kalmr Pet’s Magnesium Cream can also help calm itchy, irritated skin so that your dog or cat can
sleep better. It can also relieve muscle cramps and spasms that could be keeping your pet awake.
This soothing cream is also great if your dog or cat doesn’t respond well to a spray bottle near

Along with Kalmr Pet’s Magnesium Cream and Liquid Magnesium Pet Spray they also have a Pet
Shampoo with added magnesium, to help your pets’ skin irritations, fur and body health at the
same time as getting clean and cuddly!

Above all else, all pet owners want a healthy, happy pet. Introducing topical magnesium into your
pet’s routine could be a great way to assist older pets’ movements and quality of life and it’s a
sure way of maintaining a younger pet’s agility, vitality and optimal health.


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