The Biggest Tech Trends in the Pet industry to watch for

The Biggest Tech Trends in the Pet industry to watch for

Today, pets are not just animals. All pet parents consider them as family members. There are over 29 million pets in Australia with dogs being the most, followed by cats. As a pet parent, you want your pet to live a comfortable and healthy life and long life. With the advancement in technology, experts are doing their best to make sure pets live a comfortable and safe life.

The number of pet lovers all over the world is increasing continuously and they use their money and effort to provide their pets with a happy life. Despite the hard economic times, pet owners do their best to allocate a budget for their pets.

Taking care of a pet is not as easy as it sounds. It may feel like they only need to be fed, cleaned and given lots of attention, but this is not it. It would be great if technology stepped in and helped you manage your time with your pets. 

As technology advances, so do innovative inventions. Here is a list of technological advancements in the pet industry to help them stay safe, happy and in good health.

Automated Pet Food Dispenser

Our busy schedules sometimes make us not feed our pets on time. Going to work early and arriving home late due to heavy traffic are some of the factors that mess up our pet’s feeding schedule. However, with the help of the latest inventions, this won’t bother you anymore.

The automated pet food dispenser is among the latest innovations that helps feed your pet on time. With this amazing technology, you can set a feeding schedule for your pet that will assure food on your pet’s bowl while you are away.

The best thing about this technology is that you can monitor it with your mobile phone through an app to dispense food wherever and whenever you want.

Pet Tracker

It doesn’t matter how trained your pet is, there is always a chance your pet will break loose to explore the neighbourhood. It can be heartbreaking for any pet parent to lose their pet. It would make them lose their mind not knowing if their pets are safe.

You Might have found your neighbour’s dog playing with your dog in your backyard several times. It’s in their nature to want to explore their surroundings. Also, once in a while, your dog might have broken loose from their leash and wondered off right in front of your eyes.

To save you from the stress and headache of losing your pet or going to the lost and found department, make use of a pet tracker. The GPS enabled device is installed in your pet’s collar. The device is not bulky and can be used by any pet regardless of their size.

The trackers are controlled by an app that is downloadable on your smartphone. You can manage the device even if you are away from home. Regardless of where you are, you will always have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe.

Pet trackers also help pet owners to monitor their pet’s fitness and can check the number of calories they burn.

Pet Cameras

Besides using CCTV cameras to monitor the activities of your pet in the house, you can also use innovative pet cameras to keep track of your pet’s activity. This technology helps you check on your pet anytime you want and interact with their activities even if you are away from home.

There are different types of pet cameras in the market today. There are stationary pet cameras that you can place in a particular location to capture videos within your pet’s range. This type of camera has a two-way talking system that lets you communicate with your pet. Its system is designed in a way that you and your pets can hear each other. Pet cameras have unique features that send an alert to your phone whenever your dog barks.

With this latest innovation, all pet parents are sure of the safety of their pets when they are not home. In case your pet is active and a stationary camera will not work for them, you can buy a pet camera that is attached to their collar. The camera captures what your pet sees and where he goes, helping you know their exact location.

Smart Pet Toys

Thanks to technology, you can keep your pets entertained even if you are not home. We have different smart pet toys on the market today. They range from ball launchers, treat-dispensing games for cats and dogs and touchpads that light up when the pet touches the screen.

These toys are controlled by a smartphone and you can set the difficulty level. This new innovation helps to keep your pet entertained when you are not home.

Pet Doors

If your home is not pet-proofed, you cannot control how your neighbour’s pets or even racoons enter your compound. Sometimes, we are not able to control every movement of your neighbour’s pet and they might find their way into your house.  Lizards, possums and stray cats are other culprits that can enter the house using your dog’s door.

To prevent this from happening, innovators have invented a new technology of smart dog doors that you can manage remotely using an app on your smartphone. It helps prevent animals from entering your house without your knowledge.

The door only opens when they read the microchip or RFID tag. The best thing about this technology is that you get notifications whenever your pet leaves or enters the house. You can also choose to keep your pet indoors when you do not want them to go out.

The above latest pet technology will help to keep your pets engaged, safe and happy when you are away from home. Pets are members of our family and we should treat them the same way we treat other family members. Just like humans, pets too have emotions. They feel all emotions we have and can tell when we are angry or sad. It is important to continue loving them and attending to their needs and ensuring they are happy, healthy and safe. 


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