The benefits of pet social network apps to pet owners

The benefits of pet social network apps to pet owners

On the internet, there are millions and millions of cute pictures and pet videos online. Facebook and Instagram have become the most popular place to find dedicated pet owners who are ready to share their pet’s most adorable moments with other pet owners.

YouTube is a platform that has a range of pet videos from cute videos to educational pet videos. Pet Youtubers always have something interesting to share about their pets on their YouTube channel. You can find YouTube kitty cats channels or happy dogs youtube channels. Better yet, you can find any information you want regardless of the type of pet you have. All you need is to utilise the search button and type in whatever information you are looking for.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of using a pet social media app other than using YouTube to create a community for pet lovers.

Are pet social Media apps important for pet owners?

How do you feel when you log in to your Facebook or Instagram account and find dozens of messages, notifications, comments, and likes? It’s exciting to see who has liked and commented on your posts.

Imagine if you had a pet social media app that could do the same?

Thanks to technology, we have apps for everything, even for our four-legged fur friends. We have over ten billion dogs and cats all over the world; they too deserve a fun space.

Social media apps are a one-stop place for pet lovers. Pet social media apps create a safe space purely for pet owners. They get to interact, socialise, and support one another.

There are different types of pet social media apps aimed at catering for different needs. You want to access the best, the pet social network apps that can help you answer your questions and connect you to the right crowd. If you are a dog lover, you can choose a dog social media app that can help you find the right dog for your family, select a dog walker or groomer or even educate you on the best diet for your dog.

Here are ways social media apps are useful to pet owners when compared to pet YouTuber channels.

1. Connect you to other pet owners

Nothing feels greater than being connected to a community that has common interests. You get to interact with other pet owners and hold discussions and maybe get to know each other. Pet YouTubers do a great job posting interesting videos on YouTube. However, they do not have the power to create a highly interactive community.

Pet YouTubers can only interact with their subscribers in the comment sections. Their subscribers are only limited to share their thoughts about the content posted, but cannot post anything about their pets. In short, the owner of the channel controls what his subscribers watch.

Pet social media apps create a perfect atmosphere for all pet owners. They can post their videos and picture sand host discussions for other pet owners to contribute.

2. Give and Receive support

Taking care of a pet is both interesting and challenging. Sometimes, you do not have answers to all questions that relate to pet care. It would help if you had support from other pet owners and get feedback to your problems.

When you join a community on a social media app, you meet all kinds of pet owners that are less or more experienced in taking care of pets. Here, you can learn from and gain insights from other pet owners.

On the other hand, pet YouTubers only provide information that they feel is important to pet owners. Pet owners do not have the power to post their concerns or questions and get input from other pet owners.

3. Creates more than a safe place for pet owners

We have all kinds of pet channels on YouTube. They include YouTube kitty cats, dog lovers, cats, lovers, happy dogs, YouTube channels – to outline a few. Most pet YouTubers create their channels only to share adorable pet moments or to share valuable pet information to their subscribers.

On the other hand, pet social media apps are created for a purpose. They not only connect pet owners but they have something to offer pet owners. Pet social media apps can connect pet owners to reliable pet service providers which other pet owners may have already utilised and commented on.

Isn’t this perfect? You not only get to interact with other pet lovers but you also get connected to the best pet services and products in the market.

How do you get Pet Social Media Apps?

Getting a social media app is as easy as ‘ABC.’ You can download the app you want from the Google play store or Apple store to your device. You only need to know which app you want or at least the keyword/s that help you find the app you wish to access. For example, if you want an app for dog lovers, type ‘dog lovers’ and you will get suggestions to choose from.

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