Trending Superfood Ingredients Dogs Will Love

Trending Superfood Ingredients Dogs Will Love

Fur parents everywhere do their best to try and understand what their dog might be feeling or thinking. Yet, without any means of verbal communication and so much different advice on the best food (let alone superfood ingredients) to feed your pooch, it’s no wonder many feel confused about their pet’s needs.

So, we spoke to Field Day Vet Dr Emily Turner. She gives us the lowdown on the latest dog diet trends. Plus, she explains what superfoods are beneficial for your barking buddy, like Green Lipped Mussels and St John’s Wort.

What are the trending superfoods for dogs and what are the benefits?

Many superfoods that humans have known about for decades are also beneficial for dogs. Supplements that contain superfoods are a great choice for dogs. Especially those dogs with specific health issues, such as anxiety, arthritis, gut issues or skin problems.

The most common supplements are fish oils or superfood ingredients rich in Omegas 3 and 6, such as Green Lipped Mussels, which contain Omega-3. Omegas protect dogs’ joints, aid mobility and have a huge impact on hair and coat health. Omegas are also very helpful when trying to maintain healthy skin barriers. This is especially important in dogs prone to skin allergies or other skin conditions.

Omegas also come from the fish itself, often in a freeze-dried powder form, or within plant-based ingredients, such as hemp, in the form of a pure hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp protein or hemp meal, which are rich in Omegas 3 and 6.

Anxiety is also something that many dogs struggle with. In fact, there has been an increase in the number of pets experiencing anxiety as a result of the pandemic. Aside from picking up on our emotions, our pets aren’t used to having us home all the time. Plus any change in routine can make them feel stressed or anxious. Furthermore, many families purchased puppies for the first time during the past 18 months. As restrictions lift, we are seeing a rise in pets suffering from separation anxiety.

It may come as no surprise then that St John’s Wort, a superfood that humans have used to assist in boosting mood for centuries, is beneficial for our furry friends, too. St John’s Wort is often used as a natural ingredient in human anti-anxiety medication. This is why the team at Field Day included the ingredient, along with hemp protein and salmon, in its Cool, Calm & Collected meal topper.

How best should pet owners incorporate these into their dog’s diet?

This depends on the dog and the supplement! While a Labrador, for example, will eat almost anything you give them, a pickier eater may need some coaxing. Generally, supplements that include fish or seafood are very palatable and most dogs will really enjoy the taste. Supplements can on occasion cause some tummy upset, so it is best to slowly incorporate them into a dog’s diet.

Supplement chews or capsules can be rolled in meat or hidden in dry food. If you want to also incorporate more veg and fruit into your dog’s diet, they generally like the sweeter options. Try carrots or blueberries. Dogs also really like broccoli, which can be added both raw or cooked.

What dog diet trends can do more harm than good?

Adding supplements or mixing up a dog’s food is usually done with the most heartfelt intentions. However, there are a few diet trends pet parents should avoid. Grain-free diets are a big no-no for me and I think most of the veterinary world at the moment.

There is strong evidence that grain-free diets can lead to cardiac issues in dogs – something called dilated cardiomyopathy, which can be fatal. Currently, research is underway but the evidence is so strong. So, until more is known I would avoid it. Dogs do eat grains in the wild and anyone with a dog will see in springtime that they love eating the new grass, which doesn’t mean they’re sick, but it is a tasty and natural way for them to get fibre.



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