Should you get a second pet? Here are the pros and cons!

Should you get a second pet? Here are the pros and cons!

The question about having a second pet is quite difficult and weighs in on several different aspects of a person’s life. But if one is too little, how are we supposed to know if two pets is a good idea, without past experiences? That question might put us in a lot of pressure; you might get a second pet and absolutely love the experience or still love them while regretting the new responsibilities and hard work that come with a second furry friend.

Need help deciding? Pets Forever made a list of pros and cons that will help you shed a light on this dilemma!


Keeping each other company

This is the most important point of the entire post. By far the biggest gift that you can give your pet is to have another pet to keep them company and have them entertained through their lives. Are you starting to feel guilty about leaving them alone all day? Maybe having another friend will take the weight out of you while bringing as much joy and satisfaction to your current pet, who will be absolutely delighted to have a “younger sibling” with whom they’ll share their time playing all day and all night (while making a huge mess!).

They eat more and healthier 

Those who’ve had fish in an aquarium know what this means. Two fish together eat better compared to a single one. The same thing happens to other animals. Actually, when two animals of the same species share the same meal, they usually engage in a little competition of who eats more. That has to do with their ancestor’s DNA when it was necessary to eat huge amounts of food at once since they relied on hunting and were never sure when the next meal might come. With that in mind, when a pet sees their sibling eating, it is likely that they will end up eating more, following their preservation instincts. Something similar to the thought of “if I don’t eat what’s in this bowl, they will”.


Full house, messy house

Leave no doubt in your mind that your house will get messier, and quite a bit louder. Constant barking and stumbling in furniture is guaranteed. If those who have a pet are never alone, imagine four paws trotting around the house. They might be the calmest pets who never give any trouble, but as soon as their owner steps through the door, be ready for a lot of noise and a lot of fuss, for a great reason!

Double the sickness, double the spending

One of your pets have the flu? Get ready cause it’s just a matter of time until the second one gets it. Fleas? Get the medicinal bath ready for the both of them. Older pet has diabetes? Soon the younger will develop food allergies due to the change in routine. Know that when the subject is a disease, you’ll suffer in doubles.

Double will also be every expense related to pets. How much does it cost to clean a big dog or cat in the local pet shop, every Saturday? Multiply that by two. New leash for walks? Times two. Warm clothes for the winter? Two, please. What about the pet hotel for weekend getaways? Room for two, please.

They fight a lot at first

If your oldest pet does not enjoy the presence of a new sibling, you just took home quite a problem. If they decided to go at it and fight each other, they might actually get injured, especially if there is a big size discrepancy. The main tip here is to avoid putting two males or two females under the same roof, unless they’re breeds known for being very docile. Worst than pets fighting each other is one getting constantly hurt by the other one. Now you have to leave them in separate rooms so there’s no incident. That’s the worst-case scenario. But they will most likely stop fighting each other eventually, especially if you follow our tips on how to get your pets to stop fighting.

Wanna know what we think? We say go for it! But be aware of choosing the right sibling for your current pet, that is the most important thing factor to have in mind. Other than that, you and your two pets will definitely have a lot of fun together and chances are, you won’t regret it!

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