Trial Team Review: PetSafe Butterfly Pet Fountain

Trial Team Review: PetSafe Butterfly Pet Fountain

Just imagine listening to the gentle sound of free-flowing water and the purring of a content cat. We’re not talking about the latest and greatest meditation soundtrack. This is the result of the PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Pet Fountain.

Ultra cute but also convenient, the Butterfly Pet Fountain comes complete with everything you need to ensure your cat or small dog has access to fresh, trickling water.

A key feature is the shorter base, allowing kittens and puppies access to the water. Plus, the fountain offers a raised tray — so they can still access water if the power goes out. (Hey, it happens!)

The pretty butterfly that adorns the top of the fountain isn’t just there for show. Oh no, it’s strategically placed to create 4 free-falling water streams, encouraging your pet to drink more water for good health. For a quieter fountain you can simply remove the butterfly. But hey, we think it’s sweet.

Butterfly fountain
Top Left: Coco, Top Right: Milly, Bottom Left: Ollie, Piper & Abbi, Bottom Right: Snoopy


We Put the PetSafe Butterfly Fountain Through its Paces

We think the PetSafe Butterfly Pet Fountain has a bunch of fabulous features but what do real-life pet owners think of it?

Is the sound of trickling water relaxing or really annoying?
Does free-flowing water attract pets or is it just a gimmick?
And does its dual-filter technology (AKA charcoal filter combined with foam filter and pump) actually keep the water clean and free from pet hairs?

Let’s find out what our Pet Pundits had to say.

“It was quick and easy to set up. The design is simple and easy to clean. I love the that the water was free-flowing and the sound was quite relaxing and tranquil too.” — Michelle, pet parent to Snoopy

“I like that the water pools in the bowl, so it’s like a fresh bowl of water. We’ve had a fountain previously that drains quickly so the cats must drink out of the streams of water coming out. My cats seem to much prefer drinking out of this one where it pools.” — Elissa, pet parent to Ollie, Piper and Abbi

“The large size is amazing for our three cats, Remy, Marni and Kevin. It is also very quiet!” — Ann


Did Our Furry Friends Love the Fountain?

All our pet parents (100%) said they would recommend the PetSafe Butterfly Pet Fountain to other pet parents but what about their pets — did they like it?

“All three cats came to the water fountain straight away to have a drink. It got very crowded very quickly. LOL.” — Ann

“Milly was very intrigued and started drinking from it straight away!” — Cally, pet parent to Milly

“At first, Snoopy was a little unsure and hesitant. I think she thought it was bath time! But I just put a few treats on top of the butterfly, and she soon realised it was to drink from.” — Michelle

“Coco and Bobo absolutely loved it; they drank from it straight away.” — Ashleigh

It seems and four-pawed pals and our pet parents love the PetSafe Butterfly Fountain. Surely there’s something they don’t adore about it!

“Only a small thing, I don’t love the blue colour.” — Elissa

“My dog’s ears kept getting wet. Although, if she just drank from the butterfly top then this was avoided, but usually she liked to start at the butterfly and then move down to the bowl area.” — Michelle


The Verdict

Well, the PetSafe Butterfly Pet Fountain didn’t disappoint our Pet Pundits. Overall, it received 5/5 stars from our PetsForever Trial Team reviewers.

Priced at $70.99, the PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Pet Fountain is available direct from PetSafe Australia, as well as reputable retailers.

**Special Offer**

PetSafe is offering 10% off their entire fountain, toys and travel range for the month of May. Head over to the PetSafe website and use MAY10 at checkout.



5 star rating


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