Why is my dog coughing?

Why is my dog coughing?

Why is my dog coughing?

This question could have myriad answers. Anything from allergic bronchitis (pollens/ dust mite allergies), physical irritation (dust, inhaled food, gas, etc), infectious causes (lung worm, heartworm, infections, canine cough, pneumonia), pleurisy, trauma (hit by a car, kicked by a horse), megaoesophagus (problem with the nerves controlling swallowing and leading to aspiration pneumonia), heart disease/ failure, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, congenital problems in young puppies, narrowed trachea (especially in short-nosed breeds such as Bulldogs), heat stroke, electrocution, near drowning, etc. 

You need to see a veterinarian if your dog is coughing. 

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