What is Reiki? Can it help any pet?

What is Reiki? Can it help any pet?

What is Reiki? Can it help any pet?

Reiki is a gentle energy healing which originated in Japan in the 1920s and helps to balance a person or any animal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner to the client. It can be done in person by the laying of hands or by distance.  As energy travels immediately, the same healing effect is evident whether in person or by distance. 

Our energy centres can become unbalanced due to many reasons such as illness, surgery, emotional issues or physical issues or taking others’ issues as our own. Our pets can have trauma from a previous owner or a bad experience. Reiki helps in realigning our energy chakras which brings our bodies and our pet’s bodies back into balance.

When our bodies are in energetic balance, we can create harmony in our body which can assist with pain relief and balancing our emotional state.


Reiki energy can help any pet improve situations, such as:

Behavioural issues – barking at night, separation anxiety, urinating in a place they shouldn’t be.

Emotional issues – for rescue animals it can help in building confidence and trust with a new owner. If there is a new baby or relationship change, or a person or animal has passed.

Physical issues – increase healing time after surgery, help lessen the pain after surgery, help your pet feel more comfortable if they have pain.

Kelly is a Reiki Master and a member of the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA).  


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