What is an animal communicator?

What is an animal communicator?

What is an animal communicator?

An Animal Communicator is someone who talks to all animals using telepathic communication and their intuition. They use all their senses like hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling what the animal does.  It is like talking on a mobile phone where you are not connected by anything, but the messages travel energetically.

It involves an Animal Communicator asking the animal questions to determine why they may be behaving a certain way. They may be feeling emotional about some changes in the home or have been rescued and now in a new home themselves.

We are there to support the owner and the animal in creating a more harmonious and balanced home. We assist with balancing the animal’s energy state and finding out how we can negotiate the changes that will benefit both them and their owner.

We can help animals with behavioural, physical and emotional issues and get to the bottom of what is bothering the animals. We can be useful for when you are moving home, going on holiday or returning to work and can pass on messages to the animal so they are prepared for what will be happening.

Animal Communicators are able to give animals a voice and an animal communication session alone can benefit the animal and create change and a deeper bond with their owner because they are being heard.

We support and give guidance to owners, but we do not replace a veterinarian, diagnose or give medication advice.

Most Animal Communicators would have some sort of formal training, for instance, with a course provider accredited with the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA). I studied The Simonne Lee Method, which is accredited with the IEHA.


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