Tips to ride horses safely

Tips to ride horses safely

When working with any animal, safety is important! Horses are one of the largest domestic species that we keep, and with size comes an inherent danger. Here are some of the best ways to stay safe while with them.

1. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

No matter how well you know your horse, accidents can still happen. It’s important to wear the basic PPE around horses at all times. This should be at least covered clothing, solid shoes and preferably a helmet. You should also consider gloves and a body vest, especially while riding.

2. Practice on the ground first

Anything you want to do in the saddle should be learned on the ground first. All behaviours are best started at the level your horse is comfortable. More often than not, this will be on the ground, with a full treat bag and a well-thought-out training plan.

Positive Reinforcement is the most effective way to train, and for first learning, it’s always best to start with a coach.

3. Listen to your horse

If your horse shows signs of being uncomfortable, it’s important to stop and figure out why. It may be that the training has moved too quickly, and the horse needs to take a step back and get more reinforcement for an earlier stage. It may be a medical issue that requires a professional assessment.

And most importantly – have FUN!


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