Should I worry if my dog snorts very loudly and breathes very heavily?

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Should I worry if my dog snorts very loudly and breathes very heavily?

If your dog snorts loudly it may have something up its nose or if it has a short nose this may be normal. Breathing heavily may indicate any number of problems including: heat stress / stroke, heart disease, pneumonia, snake bite, anxiety, etc. 

Sometimes dogs will reverse sneeze. This sounds like the dog is having trouble breathing air inwards. It occurs when the soft palate at the back of the throat gets caught over the epiglottis (the trap door in front of the larynx). 

Normally giving some water to drink or food to eat (making them swallow) will flip the soft palate off the epiglottis and the dog will go back to normal. 

If your dog is persistently snorting loudly and breathing heavily, it would be a good idea to speak to consult your vet. 


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