Should I desex my dog?

Should I desex my dog?

Should I desex my dog?

There are many reasons why pet owners should desex their pets. Besides helping to stop pet overpopulation, desexing your dog helps to reduce many health and behaviour problems. 

I’ve read many studies and interviewed numerous veterinarians and behaviourists on the importance of desexing. Pets that have been desexed generally live longer and have healthier lives. 

Spayed/neutered dogs have a reduced risk of getting cancer or other diseases of the reproductive organs, such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer/disorders in males, and cystic ovaries, ovarian tumours, acute uterine infections and breast cancer in females, and also other diseases like mammary cancer, perianal tumours and perineal hernias.

From a behavioural standpoint, desexed dogs are less prone to wander and fight, and therefore less likely or get lost and injured. They are also less likely to suffer from anti-social behaviours, becoming more affectionate and better companions. 

Desexing also eliminates male dogs’ urge to ‘mount’ people’s legs!

From a cost perspective, desexing reduces the cost to the community of having to care for unwanted puppies (and kittens) in pounds and shelters. Plus, you save money from expensive surgeries from car accidents or fights (which are less likely to occur if your dog doesn’t roam around). Also, you pay less for council registration fees.

You can apply for low cost desexing via councils, animal welfare organisations and veterinarians who offer discounts for pension/concession card holders all year round. For more information, visit the National Desexing Network on https://ndn.org.au/


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