My pet has diarrhea, what are the possible causes and treatments?

My pet has diarrhea, what are the possible causes and treatments?

My pet has diarrhea, what are the possible causes and treatments?

There are many and varied reasons your pet may have diarrhea. Anything from dietary indiscretion (eating unusual things), fatty foods, pancreatitis, liver disease, hormonal disorders, viruses, bacterial infections (salmonella, campylobacter, Giardia, etc), parasites (intestinal worms), food allergy (less common), food intolerance (more common), pancreatic enzyme insufficiency, rare disease like Addison’s disease (low cortisol from lack of production in the adrenal glands), stress/ anxiety, toxins (eg organophosphate toxicity, strychnine), intolerances (eg lactose), obstructions or partial obstructions (foreign objects, telescoping of the bowel, twists, etc), inflammatory bowel disease, other auto-immune disorders, medication side effects, and the list goes on …

Treatment can be symptomatic like binding agents (eg carafate), antibiotics, anti-peristaltic medicines, intestinal worming medications, low fat diets for a few days/ permanently, food elimination diet (novel protein/carbohydrate source), enzyme supplements, anti-inflammatory medicines/cortisone (if an auto-immune condition/ Addison’s disease), vit B12, folate, i/v fluids to help with blood pressure and hydration and used to flush out toxins, activated charcoal (to bind toxins) or can be more radical/specific like surgery if there is a twist or obstruction in the intestines or gastric lavage and enemas to remove toxins. 

Best to take your dog to the vet for a proper diagnosis. 


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