My pet crossed the rainbow bridge, how can an Animal Communicator help me during this difficult time?

My pet crossed the rainbow bridge, how can an Animal Communicator help me during this difficult time?

An Animal Communicator can support you through the loss of your pet by giving you a safe place to share how you feel. We are there for you with no judgement and a session can assist you on your grieving journey. 

Losing a pet is such a difficult time as people are so close to their pets and spend so much time with them. A session can give you comfort in knowing that you are always heart connected and even though they are not here physically anymore. You are able to connect energetically to them through an Animal Communicator.

You can be given a last message from your pet which can give you closure.

We can check in and see if they have crossed over to the other side safely and if not help them do this.

A session also enables you to ask who they are with now and who was there to greet them when they crossed over.  

We are able to ask your pet for a last message for you.

We could also ask what their life purpose was with you here on earth and what your life purpose is.

Your pet can tell you how they are feeling now which can be very comforting for you especially if they were in a lot of pain before passing.

Many pet owners struggle with the decisions around when their pet crossed over. Through an animal communication session, you are able to ask if your pet felt okay with your choices.

A communication session enables you can ask your pet if they still visit you and what signs they may leave for you.

Some people like to know if their pet will come back to them in this current lifetime so we can ask your pet this and see what they say. They may talk about past lives that you spent together.

You can ask them what they are doing now on the other side. Our pets can have jobs on the other side, and it is interesting to find out what they are doing now.

Although lost pets are emotional sessions, I love them because I can help you on your healing journey.



Kelly is a Reiki Master and a member of the International Energetic Healing Association (IEHA). 


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