I’ve heard that tennis balls are bad for my dog, is this true?

I’ve heard that tennis balls are bad for my dog, is this true?

I’ve heard that tennis balls are bad for my dog, is this true?

What self-respecting pooch doesn’t love a game of fetch with a tennis ball? However, excessive chewing of tennis balls can be bad for a dog’s oral health. This is because the green fuzz covering these balls is designed to come into contact with the strings of a tennis racquet, not with teeth. When this fuzz gets wet inside a dog’s mouth (and it’s really wet in there), it acts like sandpaper and begins wearing away the enamel which covers the teeth. Enamel can’t be replaced once it’s gone, greatly increasing the likelihood of dental disease.

Another concern is if a dog punctures a tennis ball with its teeth, it can potentially choke on the pieces.

If you do use tennis balls with your dog, restrict their use to games of fetch only. Don’t allow your dog to use tennis balls as chew toys and don’t leave him/her unsupervised with tennis balls. Once that fuzz begins to come away from the ball, replace it with a new one. Better still, it’s worth investing in a good quality dog ball which is an appropriate size for your dog, manufactured from non-toxic materials and made to last the distance with an enthusiastic set of canine chompers. These are points to consider for any toy you purchase for your pet – always remember that safety comes first.


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