Is it necessary to clean my dog’s ears?

s it necessary to clean my dog’s ears?

Is it necessary to clean my dog’s ears?

Most of the time, dogs do not need to have their ears cleaned. However, dogs that
are prone to ear infections need regular ear cleaning. Consult your vet on the best products for
your dog’s ears. Always remember that the recommended frequency may vary for each dog.

When you clean your dog’s ears too often can leave their ear canals too moist, increasing the
risk of infections. Use gauze swabs to clean your dog’s ears since they cannot leave fibres in the
ear canals. Gently put the cleaning solution into your dog’s ears and gently massage the ear’s
base to break up wax/debris. Use swabs to remove all the discharge that comes out from your
pet’s ears. Always wear gloves when cleaning your pet’s ears, and always wash your hands

In case your dog is in pain, shows signs of distress, there is redness or has a smelly discharge, it
indicates an ear infection and needs your vet’s attention. Some breeds like poodles and mini
schnauzers are likely to grow hair in their ears. Your vet may recommend you to remove the
hair if they are prone to infection. Removing the hair helps increase airflow and wax build-up.
Sometimes, ear plucking can cause more inflammation and discomfort and not necessary in all

Consult your vet if you are unsure if you need to pluck your pet’s ear. Don’t try to pluck your
dog’s ears when they have an active ear infection as it will cause more discomfort and pain.
Some dogs require sedation for proper ear plucking and grooming, especially when they have
severe inflammation or infection.


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