In unexpected circumstances, how can I afford the vet fees?

In unexpected circumstances, how can I afford the vet fees?

In unexpected circumstances, how can I afford the vet fees?

1.Pet insurance can be an affordable option for some people and give a sense of security that should a major illness or accident arise, their pet’s needs will be covered.

It’s important to ask about the details when you join an insurer and reading the small print is important. Most pet insurances will require that funds are paid up-front and are then reimbursed up to around 80% and $12,000 maximum (or more).

If you cannot afford to pay this up-front payment to your vet, you can approach the insurer and ask for this to be waived.

Once a claim is made, no matter how small, the insurer’s contract typically also states that you will have to stay with them for a further year before you can leave – so it’s important to read the fine print.

Older policies did not include some of these newer requirements so if this was not made clear to you when you started your policy, you can expect to be released from the contract.


2.Pensioners / Disadvantaged owners typically cannot afford to pay the extra costs for a policy that may never be needed.  We’d recommend putting some money aside every month into an account that is at the ready should it be needed.


3.Payment Plans – fewer and fewer vets are allowing payment plans because they end up never being paid for their services.  Veterinary practices are businesses and often suffer from abuse and mental health issues when declining a payment plan or to act for free.


4.You can try to negotiate a payment plan with your vet, get a second opinion, consider the cheapest form of loans eg. OnePay, Good Shepherd Foundation NILS loan, Centrelink advance payment, borrowing from family and friends.


If you have exhausted all other avenues of funding your pet’s veterinary care, you might try applying for charitable assistance from Pet Medical Crisis – a unique charity aiming to assist pensioners and disadvantaged pet owners who cannot afford veterinary care for loved pets www.petmedicalcrisis.com.au

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