How to stop my dog itching all the time?

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How to stop my dog itching all the time?

First, ensure your dog is up to date with flea & tick control & if there is a possibility your dog has been in contact with a fox or wombat then anti-mite medication may be advisable too. Products like Nexgard & Bravecto will treat fleas, ticks and mites. Another common cause of itching is contact allergic dermatitis. Certain plants (like wandering trad) are notorious for causing itching. Prevent access to irritant plants and a visit to the vet may be required to have treatment before the dog scratches it’s skin raw, leading to secondary bacterial and yeast infections. Mild allergies can sometimes be relieved by using anti-histamine tablets or aloe vera and oatmeal based topical shampoo or lotions. 

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