How does corneal ulcer affect my dog’s eyesight?

How does corneal ulcer affect my dog’s eyesight?

How a corneal ulcer affects your dog’s eyesight depends on how large and deep the ulcer is. 

Large superficial ulcers will perhaps create some blurred vision for your dog. Deep ulcers may cause a severe blood vessel infiltration response as it is healing and cause some temporary physical blindness until the ulcer heals adequately and the inflammatory response starts to subside. 

Long term ulcers can permanently scar the cornea leaving it cloudy. The dog would seem as though there was a smoke or fog haze that it is trying to see through. 

Melting corneal ulcers (severe, nasty infections) need to be seen immediately by a veterinarian as they can permanently damage and rupture the eyeball. Some ulcers are very painful too so can cause the dog to blink a lot or hold the eyelids closed which interferes with vision.


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