How do I spot a dodgy dog breeder?

How do I spot a dodgy dog breeder?

How do I spot a dodgy dog breeder?

Unfortunately, not all dog breeders are responsible and ethical. Some breeders are concerned more with profits than animal welfare or believe they are doing the right thing but simply lack the knowledge and experience to be good breeders.

You can spot a dodgy breeder with some careful considerations.

Firstly, avoid buying your puppy online (e.g. social media, classifieds ads). Online trade is poorly regulated and you may be purchasing from a ‘backyard breeder’ (irresponsible breeder) or puppy farm or factory.

Alarm bells should ring if a breeder does not want you to see the puppy before purchase or prefers to meet in a parking lot and not at their premises.

Is the breeder registered with a local/state authority and breeder association? For instance, in Victoria, you would call Dogs Victoria (www.dogsvictoria.org.au) to check the breeder’s membership number. In NSW, you would call Dogs NSW. Also, anyone selling or giving away a cat or dog in NSW needs to use an identification number in any advertisement. You can confirm the breeder’s identification number at NSW Pet Registry www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au.

Also talk to other families who have purchased dogs from that breeder.

When you visit the breeder, make sure the puppy, the mother and other animals on the premises look healthy, happy and active.

Be wary of breeders who deny hereditary conditions exist in their breed. All dogs can suffer from genetic conditions, such as problems with thyroid, hips and heart.

Avoid breeders who are not prepared to have your chosen puppy checked by your own vet and take the puppy back if there are any health problems.

Puppies should not leave their mother and the breeder until they are  weeks of age. When you pick up your puppy, they should have been treated for worms and had their first vaccination.

Question breeders who do not provide vaccination records, registration certificate, a copy of the pedigree, and a puppy care and diet sheet.

Did the breeder ask you any questions, such as why you chose the breed, how you will care for the puppy and how long the puppy will spend time alone? Don’t trust a breeder who doesn’t interview a prospective owner of their fur baby, who they have put so much time and effort into breeding and raising.


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