How do I help my pet lose weight?

How do I help my pet lose weight?

How do I help my pet lose weight?

Just like with people, weight loss for dogs is a simple mathematical equation: the number of calories going in must be less than the calories being expended. This can be achieved by increasing exercise and choosing lower fat and calorie food. 

Better quality, scientifically formulated complete prescription diets are convenient though they can be expensive. Lean meats like skinless chicken, kangaroo or crocodile can be used in place of lamb or beef. 

Reducing the meat quantity of the diet and replacing it with cooked non-starch veggies can help too. Good ones are carrot, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, cucumber and zucchini. 

Try using raw carrot sticks instead of commercial dog treats and try to only feed 1 or 2 set meals per day. A small dog eating a couple of squares of full fat cheese is the equivalent of an adult person eating a hamburger. 

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