How do I get my dog to stop digging?

How do I get my dog to stop digging?

Living with a digging dog can be frustrating, especially if you are proud of your backyard and garden! 

But it is important to understand that digging is a normal canine behaviour. Dogs dig because they are bored, lonely, try to keep cool or want to find the hiding critters. 

To address the digging we need to keep them mentally and physically stimulated and provide adequate shelter. For some dogs, digging is just fun!

If they are bored, leave them with something to do like a few food dispensing toys and make sure they have been on a walk before they are home alone. Doing some training on your walk will also tire them mentally. You can also hide some Kongs or chews in the garden for them to find when you are gone.

If they dig because they are not comfortable make sure they have a cool place in summer and a well-sheltered spot in winter. A dog door and allowing them to be inside can make all the difference. 

If they just love digging, and some dogs were bred for this, then provide part of the garden where they can dig. Hide some treats or toys in that area. Or give them a sand pit. Make the sand pit attractive by hiding treats and toys.

You could also create some interesting feature in you yard like platforms or tunnels for them to hide or sun bake when home alone.

If you think your dog digs because she suffers from separation distress or is anxious, get in contact with a qualified professional such as a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia.


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