How do I get my dog to sit on command?

How do I get my dog to sit on command?

How do I get my dog to sit on command?

This is easy if your dog loves food. Use the food (e.g. dried liver treat or sausage meat) as treats when training them. Use the steps below to successfully train your dog.

  1. Always have a handy treat when training your dog.
  2. Place the treat in front of your dog’s nose but do not let them have it yet.
  3. Command your dog to sit while at the same time raising the treat above his head and backwards towards his ears.
  4. Your dog will naturally sit as he watches the treat go backwards.
  5. Give your dog a treat immediately he sits down and don’t forget to pat and say “good boy”
  6. Repeat the process a few times then try to command him to sit without the treat.
  7. Reward your dog with praise, treat or a pat when he obeys the ‘sit’ command.


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