How can I restrain my pet in the car?

How can I restrain my pet in the car?

How can I restrain my pet in the car?

There are a few restraint options to choose from, although you need to consider the type of car you drive and the type and size of your pet.

To keep your dog safe in the car, you can use a harness, a pet transport crate and/or a cargo barrier.

A harness has a swivel style attachment system which anchors to the existing seatbelt and attaches to the harness. It works best when it anchors your pooch down without limiting its ability to move, stretch or lie down.

The harness is fitted by going around your dog’s neck, in front of his shoulders and behind the front legs. Harnesses come in different materials including leather, nylon and fabric – choose one that suits your dog best.

Rogz has a safety belt clip and recently released a new adjustable version. Never clip the dog in by its collar!

If you use a pet transport crate, make sure it is secured to your vehicle and be large enough for your pet to stand up, lie down and turn around, as per RSPCA guidelines.

To transport your cat, rabbit or other small companion animal in the car, keep them in a suitably sized pet transport crate. Be sure to secure the crate to the car seat with a seat belt or a specially designed carrier restraint to provide your little friend with adequate protection in the event of a collision or heavy braking.

When choosing a crate, consider the material you’re going to be using – metal, plastic or soft-sided crates, which all come with benefits and limitations, such as being strong but heavy, and tough and lightweight but absorb smells. Do your research and find one that suits your individual pet.

Cargo barriers are ideal for station wagons, four-wheel drives and SUVs and can be purchased to suit the make and model of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can purchase adjustable barriers which are easily installed and removed. If you have a large cargo area, you may want to consider using a harness as well.

Be sure to check your state’s standards for car pet restraints or cargo barriers before making a purchase.

Keep in mind that being trapped in a carrier may put an animal under stress. You can help calm your anxious pet and decrease the risk of injuring himself during the drive by providing a favourite toy or blanket.

The less distraction you have while driving, the easier it will be to keep your eyes on the road!

And never leave your pet unsupervised in the car! It takes just six minutes for a dog to die in a hot car! (https://justsixminutes.com.au/).


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