How can I encourage my cat to drink more water?

How can I encourage my cat to drink more water?

How can I encourage my cat to drink more water?

If your cat is suffering from conditions such as urinary tract infections and kidney disease, it’s important for your cat to drink more water. Here are some tips you can use to encourage your cat to drink more water:

  • Most cats do not like it when their whiskers touch the sides of the bowl. To avoid this, use a shallow wide bowl.


  • Not all cats like the same type of bowl. Try different types of water bowls; ceramic, plastic, and metal to see which one your cat prefers and stick to it.


  • Pour out what’s left of the water and refill it daily, making sure you completely fill it to the brim.


  • Place several water bowls for your cat in different locations in the house. A quiet area away from the doorway would be most suitable.


  • Avoid double bowls because most cats prefer having their water bowls in a different area from where their food is.


  • Try different sources of water to see where your cat prefers to drink from. Some cats may prefer to drink from taps, the bottom of the sink or shower, or running water. There are drinking fountains for cats available in the market so you could try one for your cat and see if that is their preferred choice.


  • You can try tap water, filtered water, or bottled water and see which of them your cat drinks more.


  • If your cat has a urinary tract infection or kidney problems, try feeding them mostly or entirely on wet food or add water to their food.


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