How can I best handle my cat without it becoming stressed or aggressive?

How can I best handle my cat without it becoming stressed or aggressive?

How can I best handle my cat without it becoming stressed or aggressive?

Cats are very different from dogs. They really don’t like being picked up or petted, especially by strangers. Every cat will be different, so learning to read your cat’s body language is very important.

Some cats will hiss, swipe, or attempt to bite or scratch if they do not want you to touch them while others will flatter their ears as a sign that they are feeling stressed or threatened. Touching or petting a cat on their belly isn’t advisable because this is a vulnerable area for them.

Try these tips when handling your cat;

  • Wrap your cat in a towel for some procedures such as giving tablets or eye and ear treatments. Most cats will feel calmer and safer being restrained this way. To do this, lay the towel on a flat surface and gently place your cat on top, then wrap the towel around its body, securing all four l inside so that only the head is exposed.


  • When trimming your cat’s nails, you can gently remove the paw from under the towel one at a time to trim each paw’s nails. If your cat starts getting stressed, try clipping a few nails at a time instead of doing them all in one session.


  • When a cat becomes highly aroused or aggressive, it can take up to 48 hours for them to completely calm down again. If your cat is becoming stressed or aggressive it is usually better to abandon any procedures you were carrying out and try again another day.


  • If your cat usually gets highly stressed or aggressive during travel, nail trims/grooming or vet visits, you might want to visit your vet for an anti-anxiety medication.


  • Always give your cat a reward afterward, such as a treat or a meal, or a play session if the cat is interested.


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