General questions about Flyball for dog obedience training

General questions about Flyball for dog obedience training

General questions about Flyball for dog obedience training

I’m interested to learn more about Flyball and where I can take my dog to train in the sport?

In Australia the best source of information is the Australian Flyball Association, www.flyball.org.au

They have a list the clubs that train and compete in the sport, click on the Racing Tab and then Clubs, they are listed by state.


What are the minimum requirements of a dog to start training in Flyball?

This may vary from Club to Club but you must be able to recall you dog, they must be motivated to fetch a ball and be 12 month old to commence training (it’s important that their muscles and joints are sufficiently developed. It’s also important to note that the sport is noisy, with lots of dogs and people and is very exciting so a mature dog used to loads of distractions and is not reactive is preferable.

When your dog is ready to start competing you must be registered with the Australian Flyball Association.


Are some breeds more suited to Flyball?

The short answer is yes, but all breeds can be trained to compete in Flyball.

Jack Russell Terriers and Border Terriers are quick and at 7 Inches tall are very popular as they can become the team’s height dog.

That is, the other dogs in the team can race at a jump height of 7 inches, regardless of how tall they are.

Border Collies, Kelpies and Grey Hounds are known for their speed, so are a great addition to any team, after all this is a relay race so the quickest team will win.



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