Do I need pet insurance?

Do I need pet insurance?

Do I need pet insurance?

Life is unpredictable and that goes for our pets, too! When your best friend gets sick or injured – in some case, it’s life-threatening! – the last thing you want to think about is the vet bill.

I’m a big fan of pet insurance! It has saved me many thousands of dollars over the years, including a $5,000 claim for emergency surgery to save my dog’s life when he suffered from Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV) or ‘bloat’.

Pet insurance takes away your worry of finances and allows the veterinary team to do all they can to make your pet well again. “Do what you have to do, I have pet insurance!”

Advances in veterinary medicine and new treatment options are benefiting our animals in all life stages, but it can be expensive. Aussie pet owners spend $2.2 billion on veterinary treatment every year, according to Animal Medicines Australia’s national survey Pets in Australia (2019).

With pet insurance, you can claim up to 80 per cent of the cost (with a large annual limit, depending on the level of cover). You can also choose to cover the costs of routine care, such as vaccinations and tick/flea treatments.

Pet insurance is a good way to protect against increasing and unexpected costs of veterinary care. Plus, pet insurance supports responsible pet ownership, helping owners seek vet care sooner and get more comprehensive treatment, which can save their pet’s life.

There are some pre-existing conditions or diseases which there is a known vaccine that are not covered. Some policies also do not approve claims for pets that pass a certain age. Do your research to help find a policy that is most suitable for your pet and budget.


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