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Hercules is just the thing for hours of healthy hound entertainment. This nifty tool can be used for enriching exercise, as a chew toy to chow down on or as a good old fashioned food bowl. Your hound’s teeth and gums will be cleared and cared for whilst they enjoy endless entertainment.

Stylish Hound Sunset Hercules clever design means it’s proven to last longer than other food dispenser toys.  Stuff to the brim with your dog’s favourite snacks and treats!

Suitable for Ruff n’ Tuff chewers

Suitable for champion chewers
Made with food-grade, biodegradable and non-toxic rubber
Natural vanilla scent
Select any 2 colour and sizes

Tip: See our resource centre for recipes and stuff your Hercules according to the ability of your dog. No matter what level, always ensure any solid food is not bigger than the hole and can fall out; so your dog does not get frustrated, give up and/or destroy the toy to get to the food.

2 sizes available

Small-Medium: 8.6cm x 6.1cm

Medium-Large: 10.7cm x 7.8cm

Hole Diameter

Top: approx 0.7cm

Bottom: approx 2cm


Made with food grade, biodegradable and non-toxic rubber


Hand wash with mild detergent
Use toothbrush to clean inside / grooves if required


For more information about Stylish Hound Sunset Hercules, see here.

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