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The Petssager is easy and convenient to use. It’s the ideal pet grooming massage brush for cats and dogs. Made from soft medical grade silicone, it’s gentle on animals sensitive skin and coats. Grooming your cat or dog is great for their health, it also provides quality time together. While grooming and massaging your pet always be sure to give your pet a thorough once over. Check for fleas, ticks, lumps, cuts or sore muscles. Always consult your vet if you find anything unusual.

There are 7 vibrating speeds settings and a pulsating function to give your pet the ultimate bonding session. For many, pet massage might sound like a luxury for pampered pets only. Vibration massage has many health benefits for your pet.

– Strengthen Your Relationship
– Promote Relaxation & Sleep
– Reduce Stress
– Increase Circulation
– Relieve Pain & Discomfort
– Increase Flexibility
– Improve Performance in Competition

Ideal for:

– Working Dogs
– Sporting Dogs
– Nervous Pets
– Older Animals with Arthritis.
– Race Horses
– Show Animals
– Rescue Cats and Dogs

Easy to clean, just clean it in warm water after use.


High-Grade silicone for a velvet smooth touch.

100% waterproof:

The Petssager is 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged.

USB rechargeable:

NO MORE BATTERIES! The quick recharge design and magnetic USB connection makes it easier to charge anywhere any time. There is a Charging Cord Included.

Personal Use:

I tried it on myself and it feels surprisingly nice and relaxing. Great to relax muscles, calves, necks and it is portable to use at home, outdoor or travel with USB charging. Even for humans!


Petssager is proudly Australian owned. Petssager can be used not only on dogs but cats, horses, livestock & even zoo animals.

Want a Petssager Pet Massager for your furry friend?

Available online here, priced at $38 including shipping within Australia

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