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The iconic pet bowls and feeding mats from FURF are no longer in production, and once they’re gone you’ll no longer be able to get one! If you’ve been thinking about getting some designer pet gear for your furry friend – now is your last chance!

The design brief for Furf Pets was simple – create a pet bowl that looks as good on the dining room table as it does on the kitchen floor. The heavy duty, spill resistant non-slip pet bowl is made from food grade silicone and 18/8 stainless steel.
Non-spill top, non-slip bottom and completely dishwasher safe. “Good Design Award’ Winner.

Furf have created a pet’s Silicone Feeding Mat worthy of holding your Furf food and drink bowls in one tidy place. Featuring a non spill lip and non flip base, the mat’s are dishwasher safe and made from heavy duty food grade silicone.

The heavy duty spill resistant non-slip pet bowl made from food grade silicone and 1-/8 stainless steel not only looks the boom but it’s highly practical.
  • Non spill lip
  • Non slip, non flip base
  • Food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quality that lasts
Colour : Dusty Pink
This is a Special Package Combo
Medium bowls x 2 + Mat ( All in Dusky Pink Colour)
Furf medium bowl dimensions:

Medium- 6 cups

Inside bowl: w 155mm

Outside bowl: w 250 x h 77mm

FURF’s feeding mat:

670x360x15mm  ( Hold 2 bowls )
Large size set is available.
All come beautifully boxed. A perfect gift for a pet loving friend.
RRP $247.00 before delivery
Our Price was $119.00 including postage Australia wide. Now $99.00

This listing is for the two bowls and one mat only.

Purchase item here:

Deliver within Australia only.



Bringing style and sophistication into the pet-friendly home, animal loving fanatics Makeshi-Thappen have launched Furf Pets, a high end, design focused pet accessories brand.
The trans-Tasman team behind Furf Pets are no strangers to quality design. 
Pulled together by Scott Kington, co-founder of Blunt Umbrellas, the dream team consists of internationally acclaimed Kiwi designer David Haythornthwaite, Kiwi Josh Page and Aussie Joel Schuberg, Blunt Umbrellas’ former Global Brand Manager and Australian Distributor respectively.
With their dedicated approach to doing things better, the Australasian team envisaged a re-invigorated pet brand of sustainable, design-led and properly made products that would add to a home’s design landscape rather than spoil it. All the creatives involved are pet lovers who are excited about producing durable pet products encompassing quality design and production.


Care Instructions:

The silicone outer unclips from the stainless-steel bowl making it easy to clean under that lip. Both parts are dishwasher safe, but if you’d prefer not to put them in the dishwasher, you can hand wash both parts in the sink. We suggest using normal dish washing liquid with warm water and a regular dish brush or cloth. Avoid anything abrasive like scotch pads or steel wool as they may scratch the surface.

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