PetSafe Pet Loo (Reviewed by Real Pet Parents)

PetSafe Pet Loo (Reviewed by Real Pet Parents)

Got a puppy or getting a puppy and wondering about potty training your dog?

While pee pads (AKA puppy pads) are a popular approach, they have their cons. Firstly, they tend to be single use, which means they’re not super sustainable and create A LOT of waste. (Particularly if your pup gets into the habit of chewing them just for fun!)

Secondly, some doggos either won’t use the pads or they become dependent on them. This gives you the extra job of having to wean them off using pee pads.

Now just imagine you could bring your backyard indoors. Wouldn’t that make potty training a breeze? No more worrying about your senior dog having a slip up and pooping on the floor. Even combining apartment living with pet parenting would be easier.

These are just some of the benefits of the Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilet by PetSafe.

While it might look like a box of synthetic grass, don’t be fooled. Not only does it make it potty training your pet easier, but this portable pet toilet can also be used almost anywhere. It’s perfect for apartment living, as well as camping trips with your fur pal. (It’s suitable for cats, dogs and other small pets.)

An eco-friendly (and less smelly) alternative to puppy pads, you can simply empty the two-litre waste container directly into your toilet.


We Put the PetSafe Pet Loo to the Test

To find out if the Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilet is as good as it sounds, we invited some pet mamas and papas to put it to the test.

“We’ve used two different types of pee pads in the past and they don’t come close to the Pet Loo. They end up being very smelly and need constant cleaning.” — Aneta, pet parent to Buddy and Belle the Toy Cavoodles

“It was super easy to unpack and set up. Take it out of the box and you’re ready to go.” — Michelle, pet parent to Snoopy the Cavoodle x Shitzu

“It is very convenient; it can be used indoors when there isn’t access to grass or it’s raining outside. I can take it with me when travelling and, thanks to the anti-odour sachet, there was no smell.” — Astha, pet parent to Kaaju the Cavoodle

Cavoodles sitting on the Petsafe Pet Loo
Toy Cavoodles Buddy & Belle looking super cute on their Pet Loo

The Pros and Cons

Sure, the Pet Loo has many positive features but surely there are some things our pet parents don’t love. Here are the pros and cons, according to our testers.



“I like that the Pet Loo is more environmentally sustainable than puppy pads.” — Michi, pet parent to Hercules the Kelpie x Dachshund

Easy & convenient

“We love how simple it is to clean and use. The wee doesn’t spill everywhere when moving it to clean because of the little tray below. Plus, even though Belle is so small, she is still able to hop up on it and use it.” — Aneta, pet parent to Buddy and Belle the Toy Cavoodles

“It’s more solid and stable than puppy pads that tend to move around and can be chewed up.” — Michelle, pet parent to Snoopy the Cavoodle x Shitzu


“If you’re a female who lives alone or you’re home alone, it’s a much safer alternative than having to go outside in the dark with your dog.” — Michelle, pet parent to Snoopy the Cavoodle x Shitzu


“I haven’t noticed any odour.” — Amanda, pet parent to Willow the English Staffy


Instructions could be easier

Just one of our five reviewers felt the instructions could have been easier to read.

“Instructions could have been a little simpler to follow or more detailed. I found the pictures hard to see, especially the showing how to put the clips in to keep the grass in place.” — Michi, pet parent to Hercules the Kelpie x Dachshund

dogs sitting on the PetSafe pet loo
Top L-R: Belle and Willow. Bottom L-R: Snoopy and Kaaju

The Verdict on the PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilet

Our reviewers said they would 100% recommend the Pet Loo to other pet owners.

Overall, the PetSafe Pet Loo received 4.5/5 stars

star rating

pet loo rating factors

Priced from $171.99 (small), the Pet Loo Portable Pet Toilet is available from PetSafe Australia.


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