Perfect Dog cat Relationship: Incredible friendship of Betty and Bertie

Perfect Dog cat Relationship: Incredible friendship of Betty and Bertie

It feels great to have pets that have an exceptional relationship. Bertie and Betty have gone beyond all odds and proved that cats and dogs can have a great relationship. Bertie is a five-year-old British Blue Shorthair cat, while Betty is an eight years old Hungarian Vizsla dog.

The two adorable furry friends got along as soon as Bertie came into the home when he was a kitten. Bertie’s parents were impressed with how their fur babies got along when Bertie started living with the family.

Bertie’s and Betty’s Daily Adventures

When Bertie was a kitten, the two would chase one another around the house. Betty would forget that Bertie was small and would play rough. However, Bertie would defend himself and stand his ground by giving him slaps with his paws when he was tired.

Now that Bertie is all grown up, and does not have all the energy to play all day. The drama starts at night when it’s time to sleep. Bertie has always been allowed to sleep on his parents’ bed while Betty sleeps on his bed right beside them.

Betty, the big jealous dog, always wants a taste of how it feels to sleep on his parents’ bed. He, therefore, shoos off Bertie thinking he will get his spot. But unfortunately, all this is in vain as she has to sleep on her bed. On the other hand, Bertie goes downstairs to get a good night’s sleep.

Bertie is the professional alarm clock as he wakes up everyone as soon as he’s awake. He walks on his parents’ bodies, giving them a little massage over their slumbering bodies. As soon as everyone is awake, Miss Betty joins the early morning tussle as she never wants to be left behind on any activity.

I love Bags and I can’t help it!

 Bertie has a liking for bags. He can’t help it, and will hop into his mum’s visitors’ bags when they are busy talking to see what is inside. There is much excitement, and Bertie has his picture taken during the cute and adorable moment. In fact, he has several photos in this cute pose.

Mummy’s Cute Little boy

Bertie is the favorite pet of mum while Miss Betty loves the company of his dad. She is always by his side and gets jealous when Bertie tries to sit on his laps. The only time Bertie would enjoy his dads company is when he needs to have his breakfast as is dad  is more active in the morning than his mum.

The best part of the day for Bertie is when he gets cuddles from his favorite person. They both enjoy watching TV together under mummy’s favorite rug. Bertie’s mum loves to tell his beloved furry friend how he is a good boy and how he is the best cat ever.

When Bertie’s mum broke her ankle, Bertie would keep her company by riding in her invalid knee bike. He would ride when no one was watching. As it is for all fur parents, Bertie’s mum always wants to see Bertie in her sight.

 Bertie’s Funniest Moments

Bertie spends the better part of the day resting, especially on hot days. His thick fur serves him well during winter, but can be uncomfortable during summer. During hot days, he loves sleeping on a cool spot on the floor against a corner of the wall.

Also, he loves spending time on the white lounge where there is an open balcony door that lets in the cool breeze. From this spot, he has a good view of birds who perch themselves on the outside tree.

When Bertie is full of energy, he runs around the house fast and causes a lot of amusement.

Bertie and Bettie have a wonderful relationship and have an adorable story together. They always bring joy to their parents. Every pet has a story. What is your pet’s story?

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