My dogs keep fighting, how do I stop it?

My dogs keep fighting, how do I stop it?

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It is very common for pet owners to have more than one dog, which is great since they can make each other company. However, rather it is through jealousy or other reasons, sometimes we face the issue of our dogs constantly fighting with each other.

That usually happens within the first moments of contact between the animals and can be a dangerous activity for both. That is why it’s important to understand why that happens and also how to make them stop fighting each other.

Why your dogs are fighting

Often times dogs are very sociable when they meet another pet on the street: not only do they not usually bark but also seem extremely excited to play around with them. Inside the house, however, the scenario shifts completely.

Although there are exceptions, the behaviour of a dog in relation to others tend to be extremely different inside and outside their home. Here are a few of the main reasons why they are fighting each other: dispute for food, toys, hierarchy or even the attention of their owners and family.

According to veterinary-doctor Tania Filo, there is a biological reason for that. “Dogs possess a hormonal startup that can create a territorial dispute in the home which they habit with other pets.” She explains. “This instinct to fight other animals in their own houses is directly connected to their survival in search for food, shelter, female or male companies, etc.”

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How to split up your dogs fighting

Whether it’s inside or outside your home, facing two dogs fighting is something that concerns many pet lovers. And rightfully so! If we physically intervein in the conflict, we might get hurt. If we don’t, the dogs can end up deeply harming each other.

“Accident such as attacks and/or biting are prone to happen quite often. That is why you need to stay calm during the process.” Dr Filo orients. The specialist explains that the two safest and efficient methods to pull a dog fight apart are:

  • Make loud noises: clap, shake cans with coins or make noises with pans. By distracting the dogs, that will make them automatically cease the conflict and attempt to understand what’s happening in that new moment of confusion. Seems rather simple but they often forget the altercation afterwards.
  • Spray water on them: just like loud noises, water jets on the pets also direct the attention to an external factor, ceasing the dogs’ fury.

It is worth pointing out that, despite the recommendation to make loud noises, it is NOT recommended to yell or raise your tone. “That can alarm the dogs deeply and make the situation worse”, the specialist warns. It is ideal that the distraction seems to come from the environment, and not the pet owner.

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After you calm them down

In case it was an atypical situation which doesn’t often happen in your household, it is important to pinpoint why they were fighting in the first place. For instance: if it was a dispute for toys, you could try to buy the same accessory so there are two of them. If it was a dispute for food, why not put the bowls separately?

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