Laila and Me: Healthy Treats Your Dog Will Love

Laila and Me: Healthy Treats Your Dog Will Love

Do you struggle to find dog treats with good ingredients? This can be super frustrating when your dog suffers from health issues, such as allergies, or is overweight — or your simply care about your dog’s wellbeing.

How much time have you wasted reading numerous ingredient lists, only to put the treats back on the shelf because you don’t like what you’re reading?

Well, you’re not alone. This is exactly how pet parent Melissa Devereaux felt.

“My dog, Laila, was experiencing severe allergies and skin reactions. To discover the cause, we started her on a food elimination diet. This was tough though, as I still wanted to give her the occasional treat.

“I bought some healthy treats (or so I thought) but when I read the label, I was horrified to see they were highly processed and full of salt, sugar, glycerin, filler carbohydrates and other nasties.

“I was outraged at the misleading packaging and frustrated at the lack of ‘legitimately’ healthy treats available.

“So, I decided to make my own!”

And So, Laila and Me Was Born

Melissa describes herself as a “crazy dog lady with a passion for changing the world one (healthy) dog treat at a time”.

“All my life I have loved dogs. And Laila was my first pet owned in adulthood. She’s a French bulldog who has had major health issues ever since she was a puppy.

“In fact, it was Laila’s health problems that motivated me to start looking for healthy alternatives to the commercially packaged dog treats available to us.

“I found that many big-name brands make dog treats that contain hard-to-digest grains, and unhealthy ingredients. Plus, they’re packed with unspecified colour, preservatives and flavourings.

“And it’s no wonder they don’t want to give specifics on their labels; there’s been a lot of research into the health problems these ingredients can cause both us humans and our dogs.”

Melissa Laila and me founder
Melissa Devereaux with her much-loved pooch Laila

The Laila and Me Difference

Of course, by now you’re probably wondering what makes Laila and Me dog treats any different. And you’re completely right to be asking this question.

Laila and Me uses all-natural, human-grade ingredients. STAT. No fillers, preservatives or other nasties. They use ‘real’ ingredients that are naturally full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are good for dogs’ bones, muscles, teeth, skin and immune system.

Melissa explains, “Our treats are made from single-ingredient proteins that are nutrient dense. They have been formulated to support your dog’s health and wellbeing.

“We select only the highest quality and locally sourced Australian meats. We take a farm-to-plate and nose-to-tail approach. This means we use parts of the animal that would normally by thrown away to support our local farmers in reducing their waste.

“In addition, Laila and Me adopts a small batch manufacturing process, so our treats maintain maximum freshness. Plus, we can also help other small businesses enter the market.

“We choose to locate our manufacturing facility in Bendigo, VIC, as this means we can create more regional jobs and help the local economy thrive.

“Currently, Laila and Me pet treats are exported to China and New Zealand. In the next few years, we plan on exporting to a further five countries, which will bring even more manufacturing to Australia.”

Laila and me freeze dried treats

The Products Pet Owners Can’t Get Enough Of

Possibly the most-loved Laila and Me products are the Freeze Dried Pet Treats. And for good reason. These little beauties are made with a single ingredient, premium-grade meat. So, you know that what you see is what you get. 100% goodness.

They’re suitable for both cats and dogs. Plus, they make an ideal snack or treat for dogs on a raw food diet.

It’s no wonder Laila and Me has become a much-loved and trusted Aussie brand.


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  1. poppyisapup

    August 23, 2022 at 10:32 am

    Oh yes!! Big fave brand in our house, especially the freeze dried range! I get a piece with grandmas morning coffee.

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